On the Election of 2010 and being a deviant.

I want you to try something that a large majority of people (according to the ratings) would find disgusting, damaging, and, well, rather sick. Until you start liking it. I’ll explain.

As most people can investigate I am openly Libertarian and make no apologies. As we all know Libertarians are perverts and not true Conservatives. Even other Libertarians know this. Now here’s what I want you to try. Like I said, it’s sick. While most people of better character are watching Fox News, which provides amazingly good coverage, I take breaks and sneak off to my room. Almost immediately, after I shut the door and lower the shades, I change the television set from its usual position (Fox News) to MSNBC. Now before more judgmental types choose to reply I want to remind everybody of some facts. The numbers are virtually the same and it is, technically, election coverage. Where my sick, twisted pleasure comes in is in watching how they react when they lose. It is one of the most candid glimpses into the Progressive ‘mind’ or whatever it is. One sees some amazing displays. For those who missed it, the Scott Brown election coverage on MSNBC was a major overnighter. I couldn’t turn it off and even afterwards, thought about it for days. Shock and awe, rage, the deer stuck in headlights look, the rationalizations and pontificating, the tears. What a rush! Ah. Another mesmorizing aspect is watching them weave all of this with aspects of demons and witchcraft. Now nobody really thinks Christine O’Donnell is a witch. That’s what they are saying about Governor Sarah Palin. This is the head of the Grand Coven of Were-Grizzlies channeling the dark forces of the empire to oppose normal people who like progress and social justice. I love it! Raw human emotions blended with paranoid delusions and meltdowns. Frankly I don’t see anything wrong with it. I am surprised more don’t indulge. I do apologize if I offended anyone, even Progressives kind of. I told you this was going to be sick.