TX District 27: Media Cloud lifts, briefly, as District 27 braces for unexpected cliffhanger.

Corpus Christi, TX

November 1, 2010

Just a day after early voting, local Corpus Christi* newspaper, The Corpus Christi-Caller Times revealed important, but accidentally over looked by it’s staff, news to an election weary electorate. It turns out, after all, maybe the election was a little bit, just a tiny bit, closer than they originally thought. Some interesting shifts in some unfortunately delayed polling data revealed some unexpected results. As it turned out, early voting statistics revealed a substantial turnout favoring Republicans. Additionally the inclement fall air and sunshine was a significant factor contributing to the low number of opposing voters. There might be some slight shift in the culture of the ‘locals’ and, a little bit, possibly across traditional demographics, maybe. It also, to encourage community relations, mentioned that the number of Spanish surnamed (not %100 accurate in Texas), therefore Democrats, people who voted was a little bit, lower than usual. Things might be a little bit different this year.

See for yourself at www.caller.com. Political news is very transitory and some stories may be deleted after determining viewer response.

A temporary news update revealed that Republican upstart Blake Farenthold had some happy news with those questionable ‘in house polls’. After all, it was rumored, that all the supposed research took place during the ‘Sarah Palin/Glenn Beck’ worship hour on Fox News. Another story, with a little more local interest, was that Congressman Solomon Ortiz, pleasantly waiting for his 14th term, was involved in an unfortunate disagreement with a former friend. It seems that the young lady in the scanty mid-thigh length nightie of the ‘Ducky Pajama Scandal’ fame was an employee of Tony Martinez, a local businessman and supporter. Congressman Ortiz had publicly disparaged the young lady with some unfortunate remarks. The two have decided to have a third party mediate their dispute. The judge or settlement have not been announced yet.

The “Ducky Pajama Scandal’ had remained a significant theme in local advertising, still featured both on billboards and TV ads.

Specific data is limited due the high numbers of interesting opinions and complicated polling numbers and other cryptic things are best left to professionals, we are gently reminded by concerned media professionals.

Local TV has a bit a little more ahead of the curve providing area viewers with timely reports on election irregularities. It seems it’s pretty bad in the rest of the United States.

Understanding these thoughtful observations from our media providers, ‘locals’ of all demographics are bracing for an interesting day.

* did you know Corpus Christi means ‘Body of Christ’ in Latin?

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