TX. District 27- Awaiting a change in the weather, Farenthold gets smeared in local voter's guide.

Corpus Christi, TX Nov,1 2010

A small but influential publication in Corpus Christi, TX known as “We the People” is an interesting contrast in style. A quick look reveals American Flags, graphics of the Constitution and Bald Eagles. Then there’s the name of course.

Appearances can be misleading. Inside presents a different picture. A stunning example is ‘We the People’s informative voter guide. While all of the prominent Democratic Progressive candidates and incumbents are posed in tasteful politician clothes Republican Candidate Blake Farenthold is given a larger full color picture. Mr. Farenthold is dressed in more colorful attire, that being the infamous Ducky Pajamas photo taken at a friend’s birthday party held in a private residence. In addition to the other items helpful to voters like political parties ‘We the People’ provides helpful allegations to help voters with ethical concerns. Such objective journalism is noteworthy. ‘We the people’ provides this on a consistent and timely basis.

The weather  is actually going to change here. It was nice over the weekend but really warmer today. A norther is supposed to blow in. Northers usually bring cooler weather and fresh air. This reporter is looking forward to that.

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