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Pop Culture Update:

Still going strong! Big O and the Cohorts continue producing classic hits for loyal fans.

Big O and the Cohorts are continuing to provide a string of memorable classics to their loyal fan base despite fading popularity. Now Big O didn’t start off so well in on the charts when he first started out either. It’s been a long ride to his current level of popularity. Miz Hillary Girl, a popular albino siren, was Queen Diva then (Now a member of the Cohorts). Even Miz Oprah bowed down (a little bit) to her. Once a popular minister went on to suggest Big O might need to have his vocal range adjusted a bit higher, to say soprano, to be more of service to his audience. Things worked out well however once he lined up The Cohorts. Big O and the Cohorts were an instant success and rode the wave to the top of the charts! Since his inception as the new UNDISPUTED KING OF POPULAR CULTURE he and the Cohorts have provided their fan base, as well as the nation, with many, many historic classics. There are too many to list in this humble post.

Shortly after shooting to number#1 and being given a four year contract Big O and the Cohorts started providing non stop material, not just for the nation, but also special dedications to their loyal, original fan base.

The first years were exciting with frequent media appearances, lofty plans for the future and Big-O’s personal promotion of frequent recreational activities as effective stress management for a nation needing effective stress management. Big O led by example, even getting his wife and kids on television. Despite this frenzy of activity Big O never forgot the people who made him great. Lets look back at some of these very special, dedicated hits.

Big O and the Cohorts started this string of stunning chart toppers beginning with an immediate classic. That now neglected tribute to big O and the Cohorts, the collaboration with Etta James and Beyonce on their remixed version of ‘At Last’. The Legendary Miss Etta James has her Classic Ballad ‘At Last’ sung by Beyonce as tribute to Big O and the Cohorts which occurred at party she wasn’t invited to. Miss James had a small speaking part at the end of it all. A short rap on the whole thing sat with her.

More was to follow. Here are some of the more popular ones:

No Johnson but my own– commemorating the ouster of back up singer, Van Johnson, from Big O and the Cohorts due to pressure from an albino nationalist.

Throw you under bus, now, throw you under the bus – a notable hit with strong airplay. The compelling story of a woman who had to quit her job over something that never happened. Special Guest Star Shirley Sherrod retired after helping out with this moving, but rowdy number.

My brother ain’t my brother– (Cohorts solo effort) – technically not one of Big O’s but certainly showing his very strong influence. This solo effort by some of the Cohorts is worthy of note. A very popular number, which shares; that sometimes brothers don’t always get along and when they don’t, it’s the older one that gets to get out of the house. Juan Williams and radio goddess Vivian Schiller helped out with this special treat.

Not for the Meek– the current sensation dedicated to loyal fans about how the lesser man should be about obeying his boss. Veteran crooner Billy C provides strong arm back up while namesake KM contributes apologetic sound bites on how’ it’s better now ya’ll’ to let Big O run the table. Lord Kendrick sounds great with his new vocal range, surprising since it used to be pretty deep.

The hits continue but unfortunately sales are slumping. Big O and the Cohorts are determined to hang on however. Like with claws or something.


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