Ortiz-Farenthold race may be tighter than previously thought.

The race for Texas Congressional District 27 may be tighter than previously thought. Polling data is virtually impossible to find on this race. The local media simply assumes Ortiz (D) will retain his long held seat and devotes very little time to the race. Some signs have surfaced that may give Farenthold (R) some hope. Ortiz, who held the seat for 27 years in this heavily Democratic district, is only airing negative attack ads on Farenthold. The only dirt Ortiz has managed to find on Farenthold is a picture of Farenthold in ducky pajamas from a birthday party over a year ago. The ducky pajamas have been main subject of his ads. A curious development for what is considered a safe Democrat seat.

Internal polling by Farenthold has him at 8 point lead over Ortiz. Numbers from other parts of the district show Ortiz with a lead (estimates vary) though Ortiz’s numbers have been stagnant while Farenthold’s showed gains. Ortiz has also been experiencing dissatisfaction with his base; Hispanic Democrats and illegal alien voters. None of the polling data is current being two weeks old at least.