DoD give this Marine the Benefit of the Doubt

I read an article in the San Diego paper about the DoD denying a Congressional Medal of Honor for Sgt. Rafael Peralta because they question the accounts or Marines who were there.


“I feel like the Navy Cross is a cop-out,” said Reynolds, 31, of Ritzville, Wash. “I was 5 meters away. I saw what happened. I feel like they’re calling me a liar.”

No one is doubting the Sgt. Paeralta shielded his fellow Marines from an exploding grenade.

What is being questioned is whether or not he did it intentionally.

A general told his mother that her son’s nomination was tainted because he had been first shot in the face and torso.

“There is conflicting evidence whether he performed the acts deliberately,” said Navy Capt. Beci Brenton, a spokeswoman for Navy Secretary Donald Winter.

Don’t you think this Marine deserves the benefit of the doubt?

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