Facebook and The Donald

I know I said I was tired of stories about what led to the rise of Donald Trump. But recent news of Facebook workers suppressing conservative stories in the “trending” column that so many millennials seem to rely on for news is leading me to add to the many columns on this topic.

Facebook’s censorship is responsible for the rise of Donald Trump. Or rather, what that censorship represents. Average Americans aren’t news junkies, following every nuance of political argument, reading every policy analysis or blog post (not even ours, RedState compadres). They’re leading their lives, working for a paycheck, making ends meet. But they notice in their peripheral vision things such as this:

  • The alacrity with which news and policy leaders jump to blame all gun-owners, Tea Partiers, and Sarah Palin for every shooting in America;
  • The reluctance those same leaders have in identifying radical Islamists as those responsible for horrific crimes committed in the name of…Islam;
  • The president and Secretary of State John Kerry touting a deal with a country they know to be a bad actor in the Mideast, even if they don’t know all the particulars, suggesting that the alternative is…war, when they know there are usually multiple options in any negotiation;
  • Hollywood shoving anti-war movies at them they don’t want to see even if they soured on the Iraq war themselves;
  • Videos pretty clearly indicating Planned Parenthood engaged in body parts sales, while they’re told not to believe their lying eyes when watching the videos;
  • Sanctuary cities welcoming illegal immigrants with no consequences, while….
  • The feds go after North Carolina for passing a bill to try to prevent perverts (not transgendered people, but Peeping Toms and the like) from using women’s bathrooms.

I could go on, but you get the idea–average Americans might not have degrees in political science or foreign affairs, but they do have common sense. And a lot of the above points fly in the face of common sense.

So, Americans scratch their heads and think, am I the only one who thinks the country’s news and policy leaders are nuts? And they feel alone because the above stories, the way they see them, aren’t showing up in things like the “trending” column on Facebook or in most media. Those stories are not being discussed with the same sense of bewilderment and outrage they feel, except possibly on Fox News, which they are constantly told is “Faux News” by the elites.

And along comes The Donald. And he tells these people, no, you are not alone. No, you are not crazy. No, you are not wrong to think those in power–in politics and the media– are wrong. Our leaders are nuts. And I’m going to make things right again.

Donald Trump has triumphed by telling Americans they are not crazy, when media elites and their leaders at least imply they are by not acknowledging — and in the case of Facebook, not even showing — their common sense points of view.

Libby Sternberg is a novelist.