Donald Trump has more delegates than he should have. The system IS rigged.

As of today, Monday, the day before the “Acela Primary,” here are the popular vote totals (thanks to RealClearPolitics):

  • TRUMP: 8,722,467
  • CRUZ: 6,389,500
  • RUBIO: 3,445,578
  • KASICH: 3,178,315

Again, thanks to RealClearPolitics, here’s the delegate count:

  • TRUMP: 845
  • CRUZ: 559
  • RUBIO: 171
  • KASICH: 148

Let’s do some crazy maths here to prove Donald Trump’s contention that the primary system is rigged. Let’s add up the popular votes of the four candidates above. Total: 21,735,860.

Let’s now add the delegate counts of the candidates above. Total: 1723.

Now, let’s divide the popular vote number by the delegate count number to determine how much each delegate is worth, if all delegate counts and popular vote counts were treated the same everywhere. Total: 12,615 (rounded) popular votes equal about one delegate.

So, that’s means Trump’s popular vote should be worth only 691 delegates…if the system were fair and not “rigged,” right?

And Sen. Ted Cruz’s popular vote wins would be worth 506 delegates. Like Trump, he’d lose delegates in this maths scenario, but he would only lose about 50 to Trump’s loss of around 150.

So, yes, Donald, the system is rigged! Rigged in your favor! And that’s because each state divvies up delegates according to different methods, meaning the popular vote in one state could weigh more than in another in terms of delegate count.

Other lessons to be learned from looking at these numbers: Gov. John Kasich is still a loser! A hyuge and un-luxurious loser! A tremendous loser of fantastic Loser McLoseFace proportions! Losin’ John, let’s call him. Not only does he not have as many delegates as Sen. Marco Rubio, who exited the race, he has fewer popular votes.


Libby Sternberg is a novelist.