Another reminder: find out who your delegates are, and…get your local media to cover the delegates' views

Due to a scheduling snafu, my husband and I missed a GOP convention delegate presentation in the 16th Congressional district of Pennsylvania where we live. But the local newspaper did a great service by going to the event, presenting readers with the views of these delegates and how they will approach their voting duties at the convention. The story is here.

As I’ve done previously, I urge all voters to find out who their convention delegates are, how they will likely vote at the convention, and generally how they view their responsibilities. I also strongly urge you to contact your local newspaper or television and radio stations, suggesting they cover these delegates’ positions. Take the Lancaster, PA newspaper articles with you as examples.

I salute the Lancaster newspaper for following this story. It’s not a “sexy” bit of journalistic work, a big investigative report that gets reporters’ hearts buzzing. But it’s important, and the kind of story that only local media can do well. They know the players, and they know how to get the information.

Libby Sternberg is a novelist.