Find out who your delegates are, voters

I’ve written before about how this year it’s important for voters to know who their delegates to the GOP convention are. Let me repeat that advice. Find out who your delegates are and how they might vote at the convention. My local daily newspaper in Lancaster, PA has done a great service for voters by actually interviewing the people who are running to be delegates at the convention. I’ve printed out that article and will study it before going to the voting booth. If your local media haven’t focused on these delegates yet, I encourage you to contact your political reporter and suggest they do so. You can use the Lancaster newspaper article as an example.

Because it’s likely no GOP candidate will have a majority of bound delegates, the delegates will actually have to do their jobs and not be window dressing at the convention. They’ll play a pivotal role in selecting the party’s nominee. These are not so-called establishment folks who make a living from politics (a topic I’ve written on before, as well). These are everyday Republicans, voters who work in fields outside of politics. They are the grassroots of the party, and anyone who tries to sell you on the idea that they represent the party elites is either misunderstanding how the party works or deliberately trying to make the process seem unfair to their particular favorite candidate.

So, to repeat: Find out who your delegates are. Contact your local paper and urge them to report on the delegates and their positions, so voters can select the ones they want representing them or try to persuade them to their point of view.

Libby Sternberg is a novelist.