"The Establishment" won't choose the nominee. GOP convention delegates will.

Several prominent voices have come out against the idea of a contested, or brokered, GOP convention, suggesting it would be a sign of The Establishment quashing the guys and gals in the trenches.

To that, I say: Who do they think the delegates to the convention are? Those will be the guys and gals in the trenches. As I’ve pointed out before, here in Pennsylvania, the delegates are elected. Yes, I know we have super delegates, the elected and party officials, and, yes, I guess we can call them the “establishment.” But chances are the delegates are the people who’ve been working hard in their state, who aren’t well known, who will in many cases be part of the grassroots of the party.

So, to those who are crying crocodile tears over the possibility that these delegates might actually get to do what they’re supposed to do — gasp! — vote for the nominee, I say, calm down. I, for one, definitely want those delegates playing a role, and not just being part of a big television show people don’t watch anymore. I particularly want them playing a role if no candidate — that means you, Donald — doesn’t get the 1237 delegates necessary to claim the nomination outright.

Those 1237 delegates represent a majority of the total 2472 at the convention. If no one gets a majority — even if Donald manages a good plurality — then, think about what that says. It says a majority of the Republican electorate do not want Trump. Let me repeat that: if Trump doesn’t get a majority of the delegates going in to the convention, the majority of GOP voters DO. NOT. WANT. HIM.

So those who advocate handing him the crown anyway — maybe they’re the real members of The Establishment.

If there’s no majority of delegates in any candidate’s corner, then, yes, let the delegates duke it out, let them bargain, let them hear arguments and actually make a decision at the convention. That’s what they’re chosen/elected to do. That’s not The Establishment stealing the vote. It’s the grassroots affirming what voters want — NOT TRUMP.

Libby Sternberg is a novelist.