Obama insults McCain's War Injuries

**Many Obama supporters claim that this campaign is really getting negative. Of course it is, especially when your own candidate launchs attack ads. Thier was an ad out the said that McCain couldn’t send emails and couldn’t use a computer. Funny, because in the 2000 Republican Primary, McCain was considered tech savvy and an expert on technology in the Senate. McCain also cannot send emails because he cannot raise his arms and use his fingers because the Viet Cong made that so and broke many of his fingers. Therefore the ad was very insensitive about McCain. It is like saying “oh, FDR cannot be President because he needs a wheelchair”. This ad is absolutly disgusting. Also note the Hillary and Bill prfer to write instead of type, because they have never learned how, which is really ok. Just because Obama texts to his supporters, doesn’t mean that he is fit to be President.

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