Youth Mesmerized by Some Politican

**At my school in Madison Wisconsin, I’ve been hearing “Obama is the bomb” or Obama is the best candidate”. I am always curious to ask why they like Obama. I usually don’t get an adequete answer. It is usually very low detail and also it is always about change. I understand that many of these teens can’t vote (thank god for that), but I believe they are a dire threat to the McCain campaign. Obama has mobilized thousands of youth to phonebank, canvass, and generally just volenteer for Obama. For an example, thier is in Madison a High School phone bank night, where teens from high schools all around the area come for a few hours and phonebank. The results of this is huge, in one night thousands of people were phoned. Also their is a major movement to get 18 year olds in high school registered, and send in absentee ballots for Obama. At the Madison headquarters, there are also alot of high school interns, 8 from my school alone. And in the Young Dems Club (now egoisticly named West High Students for Barack Obama, disregarding the other Dems running), at least 40 people met at lunch and several hundred have joined the facebook group. My point is this, many youth will help Obama win the election, if McCain doesn’t do something. The GOP must recognize and utilize en masse the youth of our nation.