GOP internal polling ... McCain landslide? (grain of salt / feel good alert)

This was posted to Free Republic this morning. While I think the numbers are exaggerated, I think it reflects what some of what Republican volunteers have been saying from the phone banks.

A regular caller to the Quinn and Rose radio program, “Carl from Ohio,” who claims to be involved in the McCain campaign’s internal polling operation (I know, I know …), says that unless the Obama fraud is so widespread it will be a McCain landslide.

Here is what he says the GOP internal state by state polling is showing for last night:

NJ M – 48, O – 43, U-7MI M – 44, O- 42, U – 10CA O – 44, M – 43, Barr – 3, U – 9PA M – 55, O – 33, U – 10

He says undecideds are breaking 4:1 for McCain.

In Pennsylvania, the Dem vote is O – 47, M – 37, U – 13

1 issue for Dems voting for McCain is the that Obama is cheating and trying to buy the election

I volunteer for a GOP Congressional candidate on the phone banks and while we call about the House race we also ask about the Presidential race. The feedback we are getting from registered independents here in the NYC suburbs is that they are saying that they are voting for McCain by a 75 – 25% margin. I have been hearing from a phone bank in NYC that has several Hillary Democrats volunterring that when they call on the reg. Democrat list they are hearing 1/3 – 40% are planning to vote McCain, not for McCain but more against Obama. We have no early voting here in NY state, so we have to ask how they plan on voting Tuesday.

I wanted to see if other volunteers working at phone banks are hearing similar results?