New York 1st CD

I know that NY is not a red state, but there are a number of Congressional Districts that have elected Republicans. We are the boundary against the insanity of New England which only has 1 Republican – Shays – and he is far from being a conservative. Here on Long Island we have a large number of conservatives and moderate voters. Lee Zeldin is trying to oust Tim Bishop and so far has Bishiop scared. The 1st CD had a Republican before Bishop (Grucci)and registered Republicans outnumber Democrats. We have over 50,000 residents who are veterans and Zeldin is an Iraq War veteran. Bishop’s goons go out at night and steal signs off front lawns and spray paint ‘Stop the Veterans’ on large 8′ signs. Hundeds have been stolen so far and 2 arrests have been made. Bishop is a classic liberal following everything that Queen Nancy tells him to do. It is time for Bishop to go.


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