Bubba and his knife go to jail.

Hey Bubba !

Yes, officer.

Is that a pocket knife on your belt ?

Well, it’s my hunting knife. It’s deer season you know.

Well Bubba. You’re not going hunting today because you’re going to Jail.

>>This administration just keeps going and going. Now, they have the ability to throw you in the pokey for a pocket knife.


“On May 21, U.S. Customs & Border Protection (CBP) proposed the revocation of four previous Ruling Letters; the effect would be a drastic expansion of the definition of non-importable knives. The organization KnifeRights warns that revocations would outlaw approximately 80 percent of the current market in folding knives.

The federal law does not apply to the mere possession or carrying of knives, but as KnifeRights explains, many state and local bans on possession or carrying are parasitic on the federal definition. Accordingly, if the proposed Customs change goes into effect, many millions of people who own or carry pocketknives would instantly be defined as criminals.”

>>Nice. First guns, then ammunition, now knives. I fully admit it’s one helluva longshot they start hauling people away for the wrong type of gun or knife; but they are putting the peices in place to do just that if they seem fit and it has been quite impressive what they have seem fit to do.

>>I’m just saying my grandfather wouldn’t believe that the country he grew up in is considering doing this if he were still here to see it.

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