Jay Riemersma: A True Conservative for Michigan's 2nd District

Erik Erickson and others have written extensively here about identifying and supporting Conservatives in the upcoming primaries. I couldn’t agree more. It’s not enough to just elect more Republicans. We need to send Conservatives to Washington in the fall, and that starts with identifying and supporting them in the primaries. That’s easier said than done in some districts, but let me take just a moment to introduce you to a race and a candidate you need to know about.

In Michigan’s solidly conservative 2nd Congressional District, four (or more) Republicans are running to replace Rep. Pete Hoekstra who’s vacating the seat to run for Governor. All four leading Republicans are claiming the conservative mantle, despite the fact that two are termed out state lawmakers with a long history of raising taxes, growing the state budget, and picking winners and losers with the tax code. There’s also a self-identified moderate in the mix.

While many remain undecided in the district, momentum is clearly building behind Jay Riemersma. Jay is a former pro-football player (Buffalo and Pittsburgh), high school coach, and regional director at Family Research Council. He’s a man of sincere Christian faith, and is a through and through conservative. He’s outworked and outraised his competition, winning several local straw polls and picking up key local endorsements as well as national support from leaders like Ken Blackwell. Jay embodies this district’s fiscal, and social conservatism and he’s strong on national defense issues. Jay has been tested by the national spotlight, and he’s kept his integrity. He’s signed ATR’s no new tax pledge and is committed to repealing Obamacare.

Now the Left’s blogosphere is starting to take notice. It’s nice when they help vet our candidates, isn’t it? From a conservative’s perspective, Jay upsets all the right people.

“The guy currently in the lead to claim the Republican nomination creeps the ever lovin’ sh*t out of me…”

The Kos blogger continues,

“I’m going to do what I can to stop this guy from winning the primary, even if I end up voting in the Republican primary.”

Michigan has open primaries, so in theory he could effect the election’s outcome. And as I said before, it is the primary that matters most. If conservatives fail to coalesce behind the the strongest conservative candidate, we could very easily end up with compromised Republican party men, or a self avowed RINO.

The Left has already identified their most feared candidate. They vilify Jay Riemersma because they recognize he’s a principled, conservative fighter and will be a leader in Washington for our values. It’s high time for conservatives to stand behind Jay as our candidate of choice in Michigan’s 2nd. This district will elect a Republican in November, but it is incumbent on us to make sure that a real conservative wins the primary. So do whatever you can ahead of the primary to send Jay Riemersma to Congress: donate today and make sure to follow him on Facebook and Twitter. If you live in the district, be sure you join the volunteer Red Zone as well.

Keep up the fight.