Andrew Sullivan is a Raving Moron.

My friend and RedStater emeritus Pejman Yousefzadeh has discovered a truly astounding thing:

The Apocalypse is upon us. Sarah Palin did something, and Andrew Sullivan professes to not giving a hoot.

What’s next? An admission that Trig is Sarah Palin’s son? Stock up on the canned goods, and shotguns, people. The Seventh Seal is about to be broken, and the Cubs might win the next World Series.

To expound on Pejman’s point – Andrew Sullivan explained to us over and over and over that determining whether Trig Palin was actually Sarah Palin’s son was a matter of great national importance because… well, I don’t really understand the because in this case because I am not afflicted with an organic brain disease. He continued pressing on with this obsession long past the point that all reasonable people – and even most truthers – gave it up as folly.

However, when Sarah Palin – who is undoubtedly a political force in America, agree with her or not – speaks on the one issue that defines Andrew Sullivan, he does not care. The man is officially beyond parody.

You know, I travel a decent amount and I always find myself talking to people about politics wherever I go. I find lots of people who read RedState, lots of people who read Kos, or Hot Air, or Firedoglake, or whatever. I have never in all my travels met anyone who has voluntarily announced that they read Andrew Sullivan every day and love his commentary. I have reached the point that I am eagerly awaiting the occasion when it finally does happen so that I can enjoy pointing in that person’s face and laughing. Hard.