President Trump's Squandered Golden Opportunity

It is now 30 days since President Trump’s State of the Union address (SOTU). Many conservatives instantly gave the speech an A+. Rush Limbaugh called it “the Best State of the Union Speech I’ve Ever Seen.” I briefly dissented with an A-. Events during the last four weeks have prompted me to revise, update and expand my previous brief comment.


President Trump failed to focus upon and explain the critical distinction between legal and illegal immigration. Supporters of illegal immigration routinely refer to opposition to illegal immigration as opposition to all immigration, lawful as well as unlawful. Oxymoronic advocates of legally protected law-breaking do what pro-criminal leftists always do: muddy the waters (pp. 189, 250, 253).

With the largest possible national audience, President Trump missed a golden opportunity: to clarify and purify the waters muddied by those with virulent contempt for lawful behavior. Subsequent to the SOTU address, the Fake News Media (FNM) repeatedly demonstrated why this point is so crucial. After January 30, the FNM and others repeatedly have referred to “opposition to immigration” and to “immigration opponents.” On February 8, the second former President Bush “welcomed” all immigrants. Five days later, a tweet by far-out extreme leftist Senator Kamala Harris, elected by law-defiant Californians, referred to “Trump’s anti-immigrant agenda.” A few days ago, on February 25, CNN shrieked a headline pronouncing Trump “anti-immigrant.”

Adding to the long list of media lies amassed in 2017, the “anti-immigrant” mantra is an outright lie because the current president explicitly welcomes lawful immigration: “I want people to come into our country.” Yet those who know – or should know – better have compounded the confusion, playing into the hands of leftist advocates of law-breaking. Breitbart ran a story under this headline: “Bush [43] Praises Cheap Labor Immigration.” That is NOT the issue, but many people think it is. An accurate headline would have been: “Bush Praises Unlawful … Immigration.” Illegal immigration is the issue. This can never be emphasized enough. On three successive days in mid-February, Fox News ran headlines referring to the “immigration debate” (here, here and here); and Mark Krikorian’s Center for Immigration Studies referred to “The Senate Immigration Debate.” A  notable exception is Laura Ingraham’s “Illegal immigration and the jobs we can’t do.”

Any “debate” involves pro and con. Hence, “immigration debate” implies supporters and opponents of immigration.  IN FACT, the current widely mislabeled “debate” is actually a political fight about                                                                                       (1) whether and how to stop mass immigration that has been illegal under current law; and                                    (2) whether, to stem the tide, there should be new law changing what is currently lawful.

Adolph Hitler’s chief propagandist, Dr. Joseph Goebbels, not only engaged in the Big Lie but also repetition of the Big Lie. Repetition, repetition and more REPETITION. America’s Democrat and FNM disciples of Goebbels have repeated their very own leftist Big Lie: the right opposes all immigration. Worse still, many who clearly comprehend the issue nevertheless often refer to “immigration” without qualification or explanation.


It is misleading and unacceptable to conflate all immigration — legal and illegal. That is a major distinction and that is the issue. President Trump should stress it again, and again and yet again!! He cannot repeat the point often enough, particularly in light frequent lumping together of all immigration and leftist use of “anti-immigrant.” So again, the issue is not what to do about “immigration,” but (1) preventing currently illegal immigration; and (2) which immigration should henceforth be lawful and which should be unlawful.

I cannot resist relating a personal experience. I was infuriated two years ago when the Obama Administration ordered out of the country a sweet young lady I knew. A graduate of a top Mexican university, she came to the United States on a student visa and earned a Master of Fine Arts degree in music. She had a job and was also a concert pianist. After the appeal of her deportation order was denied, she left, voluntarily but reluctantly. She was so decent, and had such respect for this country and its law, that she rejected advice to just ignore the order and stay put. The last time I heard from her, she was teaching and performing in Mexico.


So that’s the bottom line of the left: Throw the best out of the country, while passionately protecting those who break the law, including murderers. Given his huge audience, the president missed a great chance to explain that to the country; referring to “visa lottery” and “merit-based” immigration is just not as clear. I thought that he did make “merit-based” much clearer in his February 23 address to CPAC. But that had a limited audience and not the huge audience of the January 30 SOTU address. Moreover, as noted, CNN falsely characterized the CPAC speech as “anti-immigrant.”



Illegal alien murderers are, of course, a useful way to focus on illegal immigration. They are a major horror. But the lives of murder victims of home-grown American citizen savages are no less precious, and they suffer no less and are no less dead than the victims of alien murderers. Those left behind by citizen savages suffer, grieve and are tortured by judges just as much as those left behind by alien barbarians.

Several times since taking office, the president has mentioned the need for capital punishment, but only in passing. I need not repeat what I posted 11 months ago. As elaborated in my recent book (pp. 142-146), my view is that ALL convicted intentional murderers should be executed.

Immigrants who break our law by the very act of illegal entry — and who compound the affront with refusal to assimilate and contempt for our way of life– surely should not be accepted. But that is not going to do anything to stop the largest component of the American Murder Holocaust. Home grown murderers, as well as foreign-born murderers, should be executed, period.

FINALLY, capital punishment and illegal immigration should be seen as two distinctly SEPARATE issues. Murders by illegal aliens would not take place if they were not here in the first place. But far fewer total murders would take place if swift trial and execution of ALL convicted murderers were the norm.


Lester Jackson is author of numerous articles about capital punishment, the Supreme Court and American politics. His recent bookis EQUAL JUSTICE for VICTIMS: A Blueprint for the Rightful Restoration of Capital Punishment.

Copyright © 2018 by Lester Jackson, Ph.D.