TN 5th District Congress Seat "Not So Safe Anymore"

This seat has a great story. Since 1875 democrats have controlled Nashville’ 5th District Congressional seat- 135 years. It is the Jackson Seat. In the center of this District is President Andrew Jackson’s home. Because of his contribution to shaping much of Early America, “Old Hickory’s” image adorns our $20 bill. Nashvillian’s  have a Jackson Day celebration every year.  David Hall  would be the first Conservative Republican Congressman from Nashville since 1875 should he win.

David Hall is a “ Joe the Plumber” kind of guy. He is a true Conservative, believes in fiscal responsibility, stands by the Constitution, small government and is a man of faith and conviction. He came into this race because he has been watching the country going in the wrong direction. With his family’s support, he is running for Jim Coopers seat, which has been held by Democrats for 135 years. This campaign is about getting our country back on track,” said GOP 5th Dist. Congressional candidate David Hall.

Republicans have never made a serious run for this seat, until this year. Using grassroots efforts and spending less than anyone else, David Hall won the primary beating out ten others in the primary- including the odds-on favorites. He had a strategy, it worked and he won.

Jim Cooper is going home. Jim Cooper who calls himself a Blue Dog has been a lap dog for Pelosi. He was graded an F in 2009 by The National Taxpayers Union for spending http://www.ntu.org/on-capitol-hill/ntu-rates-congress/members/house/jim-cooper.html
He has held this seat since 2003 and has never gotten a grade higher than a D.

“This campaign is about getting our country back on track, and you don’t have to be career politicians to run for office. We need more citizen legislators. That’s what our country was founded on, where people would run shops and they would go and take their turn and then come home after a few years.” said GOP 5th District Congressional Candidate David Hall.