Coming Together under the Global "Umbrella" of Nelson Mandela?

“While there is nothing inherently wrong with bringing the world closer together, we must always be cognizant of who is trying to bring us closer together and why.” – Scott Rohter


All of the adulation is over now, at least for the time being, but their adoration will last forever. It will last forever in spite of all of his family’s legal bickering, and all of the corruption currently going on now in the South African government and in the African National Congress. They have finally stopped fighting with each other and stealing from one another long enough to lay Nelson Mandela’s body to rest. Many have proved themselves to be unworthy of what he did for them. Nelson Mandela’s mortal remains have been placed in a humble grave near his family’s property next to three of his children. It is also near his boyhood hometown of Qunu, South Africa. The B.B.C. called it his “ancestral homeland”. That would be like calling Chicago my ancestral homeland, or saying that London is the ancestral homeland of the Queen of England, or calling Dixon, Illinois the ancestral homeland of Ronald Reagan. With all due respect to the Mandela family can’t we just cut all the crap? And while you are doing that, why don’t all stop fighting with each other too. You are just disgracing your father’s memory.

Nelson Mandela was buried on a small family plot in a communal graveyard near the Mandela property and near the town he grew up in. That is the truth and it is sufficient. It isn’t necessary to call it his ancestral homeland. It is a little farming village of about three hundred people, located about two hundred miles southwest of Durban where he spent his childhood. I have never seen so much adulation being paid to one man before in my life. I admit that Nelson Mandela was an important figure of this Century and the last Century, and what he accomplished in his lifetime is a remarkable achievement, but for Pete’s sake, enough is enough already. You are all trying to get rich off of his legacy.

There has been constant, around the clock news coverage of his life and death on radio and television ever since his passing. That’s all they can talk about at the B.B.C. Nelson Mandela this and Nelson Mandela that. They keep going on and on, day and night till it’s coming out of my ears. All of the broadcast “media hammers” over at the “Beeb” just never seem to know when to stop. Whether it’s global warming, gun control, or stories about their real life political heroes, they just keep hammering away until their socialist agenda becomes a reality.

They are covering every aspect of Nelson Mandela’s life and death. They covered his memorial service and his funeral service from start to finish like it was the most important thing occurring in the world. They filmed the arrival of every important dignitary and commented on each as if they were all Hollywood celebrities. These world leaders are elected from their respective countries to serve their people, not to be put on a pedestal and idolized, but the B.B.C elevates them to celebrity status, even the bad ones like Hugo Chavez… especially the bad ones like Hugo Chavez.

Nelson Mandela’s memorial service was covered like it was some kind of an international multi-media event with all of the pomp and circumstance that they could muster. This must have been the most widely publicized memorial service in the history of the world… I have never seen anything like it. Not even the assassination of John F. Kennedy received so much worldwide public attention. His funeral service was covered in much the very same way, complete with speeches from various heads of state, a 21 gun salute, jet flyovers, and many different public celebrities. It was covered in every painstaking detail. Can’t we try to maintain some proper perspective in the news? Nelson Mandela’s death was not the only important thing going on in the world that was noteworthy…

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