Congressional Budget Betrayals

Meet the principal members of the team. The House Republican Sellout Team… The Paul Ryan / Patty Murray Budget Compromise Act of 2013 was just announced a couple of days ago, and before anyone could even shake their fist, read the Bill, or prepare to block it, the Bill was ram-rodded through the House of Representatives by John Boehner, the leader of the team. It became House Joint Resolution 59 and the subject of roll call vote number 640 the very next day. That vote was held only one day after most observers heard there was even a bipartisan budget bill to debate. Did I say debate? What debate? What was the big hurry boys? The Ryan / Murray Bill removes the only effective tool we had in place to make sure that the government really does cut spending. That tool is the Sequester. Such an important move was worthy of serious debate.

Promises, promises, and more promises. “Ryan / Murray” totally eliminates those automatic across the board spending cuts, and replaces them with mere token promises to make other more targeted cuts over the next ten years. That’s like believing in an alcoholic’s promise to stop drinking. What targeted cuts? Why over the next ten years? When will they occur? A lot can happen in ten years. Targeted cuts by whom and at whom? Isn’t this like kicking the can down the road again? That’s something Washington politicians are very good at doing…

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