The Food Safety Modernization Act of 2011 Bans Bull Crap

Life is sometimes even stranger than fiction. The Obama Administration and the United States Government are going to start regulating B.S., or at least they are going to try. That is something they both know a lot about, so this should prove very interesting. They finally want to do something about all the crap going on in our country. Normally I would welcome the initiative, but unfortunately they’re not talking about all the bullshit that is coming from Washington. They are talking about the real stuff, and the bulls aren’t too happy about it. They are talking about eliminating the kind of poop that farmers spread on their fields in the Spring to ensure a bountiful harvest in the Fall. I’m not just talking bull**** here… I’m talking about all different kinds of crap from cow chips to chicken manure to real turkey poop. And the rest of the animals down on the farm aren’t very happy about it either. Is doo-doo going to be the next item on their list ? I hope not.

By now you probably know that things aren’t always what they seem to be on the surface, especially in Washington. The names of laws that are passed by Congress don’t always do what they say they will do either. Here are some recent examples:

1) The Patriot Act (There is nothing patriotic about suspending our civil liberties indefinitely)

2) The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act ( It is neither protective nor affordable)

3) The North American Free Trade Agreement (It isn’t free. It is unfair, and it cost many Americans their jobs.)

4) The Budget Control Act of 2011 (It didn’t control the Federal Budget.)

5) The Protect Intellectual Property Act (It tried to do a lot more than just protect intellectual property rights.)

6) The Stop On-Line Piracy Act (same as above)

7) The National Defense Authorization Act (Defense from what … other law abiding Americans? We are all subject to this law. The Secret Service can arrest you for just holding up a sign.)

Now we have a new law that was passed by Congress in 2011 called the Food Safety Modernization Act, and there are new rules being proposed right now to implement this law by the Food and Drug Administration. Whoever dreamed up the name for this horrible law should really be working for Madison Avenue. (They probably are already.) Working for the Obama Administration is just about like working on Madison Avenue anyway. The new rules that are being proposed regarding the spreading of manure are even worse than the law itself…

To read the rest of this article and see all the hilarious pictures please visit my site at http://www.lessgovisthebestgov.com/food-safety-modernization-act-of-2011-united-states-government-bans-bull-crap.html

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