What's Next for the Middle East and Egypt under Morsi ?

What’s Next for the Middle East and Egypt?

Should the U.S. Try Using Leverage On Egypt’s  Military

By Scott Rohter, June 2012

Writing for my local newspaper’s editorial board a seasoned reporter wrote that the United States holds some kind of leverage over Egypt’s ruling military, and that we should not fail to use it. The editorial is the official position of the only newspaper in my city. The Op-Ed was written after the recent elections in Egypt, and the ruling military’s response to those free and fair elections. The Newspaper couldn’t be further from the truth! Nor could the particular response that its editorial board advocates America should take to events happening in Egypt right now, be more wrong, or more detrimental to peace in the Middle East! Let me explain…

The reporter stated that the United States should exert its leverage by threatening the Egyptian military with the loss of American foreign aid if they didn’t back off and allow the Muslim Brotherhood to take over the entire country. The Muslim Brotherhood is a terrorist organization. They won the Egyptian parliamentary elections, and their most radical Islamist candidate won the most recent presidential election. That is why the Egyptian military stepped in to intervene, in order to prevent a complete takeover of their country by extremists.

It was by initially threatening to cut off financial assistance to Mubarak’s regime over a year ago, that we undercut the government of Hosni Mubarak in the first place, and allowed the so called Egyptian revolution to occur. That is how we allowed the Islamist Revolution, or the so called “Arab Spring” to spread from Tunisia to Egypt! That is how Barack Obama enabled the Islamist Muslim Brotherhood to gain a foothold in Egyptian politics! Now the liberal newspaper in my city thinks that the United States should just allow the Muslim Brotherhood to go from a gaining a strong foothold to having a complete stranglehold!

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