Reince Priebus - More Wisconsin Shenanigans

Reince Priebus – Wisconsin Shenanigans

Scott Rohter , May 2012

The word was when Reince Priebus was first being touted for a position as the National GOP Chairman in January 2011, that he was a good strong conservative from Madison Wisconsin. Hummm… I thought. “A strong conservative voice from Madison Wisconsin.” Is that even possible?.. While I thought it was a bit unlikely that such a thing could actually be coming from a place like Madison, the home of the University of Wisconsin, nevertheless I stifled my skepticism and tried to keep an open mind. A lot of things are possible you know… especially in the land of Vince Lombardi ! And so after six unsuccessful attempts to elect a Party Chairman, a deadlocked group of Republican delegates to their Party’s Central Committee elected Reinhold Priebus, attorney and a former Wisconsin State Party Chair, to lead the National Republican Party on January 14, 2011 in an unprecedented seventh ballot.

My first inkling that something wasn’t quite right though,… that his performance didn’t quite match up to all of the rhetoric, was when my calls to the RNC did not get returned, not by him or by anyone else. My next observation was when Mitt Romney got caught red-handed trying to steal the Iowa State caucuses away from Rick Santorum. Then nearly the same thing happened again, I think it was either in Maine or New Hampshire. My initial pause for thought over Reince Priebus was now causing me to slow down a little bit and take notice.

Once more in Ohio there were serious violations of the official Republican Party rules governing Primaries with respect to the apportioning of delegates. This was cited by the Santorum campaign. All of these things were going on under the watchful eye of the National Republican Party Chairman, Reince Priebus! When Texas wanted to go to a winner take all Primary last month, (and it was perfectly legal for them to do so) the RNC found some way to stop them. There was that too. Then all of a sudden and for no apparent reason, Rick Santorum suspended his Presidential campaign, when he was really doing quite well against The Establishment’s favorite candidate Mitt Romney,.. and with comparatively little resources.

Now under Reince Priebus’ watch there is blatant and open candidate favoritism going on during the remainder of the GOP Primary (against the rules) while there are still two candidates left in the race, which by the way is not over yet, not at least until Mitt Romney racks up the magic number of delegates… (I think the official number is 1144). Maybe the Republican Party does not think that Ron Paul is actually a real candidate in this race? I know they wish that he wasn’t! But he is! So now my original pause for thought has turned into an abrupt, screeching halt!

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