Alphabet News Networks and Talk Radio's "Crackers"

Alphabet News Networks and Talk Radio’s Crackers

By Scott Rohter, March 2012


Campbell Soup Company makes a pretty good tasting broth called alphabet soup. It’s tomato based and it’s loaded with tasty little pieces of pasta shaped in the letters of the alphabet. It’s been on the grocery store shelves since I was a little boy. And that’s over sixty years of serving up some pretty tasty meals to millions of satisfied customers. The Mainstream News Media is sometimes jokingly referred to as the Alphabet News Networks. Unlike Campbell Soup however, what they cook up is not nearly as nutritious, nor good for you!

The Alphabet News Networks are ABC, CBS, NBC, MSNBC, PBS, CNN, and FOX News. They all tilt to the left, and some of the stuff they cook up is extremely liberal. That’s why I suggest that you don’t try to taste their soup without having some Talk Radio crackers right along with it, to help you digest it. That way the news “de jour” that is served up by the Liberal Press won’t leave you with a bad taste in your mouth which is the same as the misrepresentation of the facts that their stories leave behind in your head, when you are done reading them or listening to them. Don’t partake of the Liberal’s soup without also taking a big helping of “crackers” from Talk Radio.

For example, last week Mitt Romney won the Illinois Primary, and the Mainstream Media was in full spin and damage control mode for several days after his victory, because Rick Santorum who spent only a fraction of what Romney did, actually did quite good. In particular CBS, National Public Radio, and the Chicago Tribune produced several different versions of the same push piece of yellow journalism that said that Mitt Romney literally “ran away” with the Illinois Primary. Did he really? Romney had about 46% of the vote and Santorum had 35% of the vote. Only a switch of five small percentage points would have turned that Primary into a real horse race! And the Mainstream Media was describing it as a romp for Romney. I don’t think so! It doesn’t sound like a romp to me. It sounds more like spin and wishful thinking.

In addition, the Progressive Press tried to further analyze the results of the Illinois Primary this way. All of the voters with college degrees voted for Romney they said, in other words the “better educated” and “more intelligent” people. Only “un-educated” or “under-educated” people actually voted for Rick Santorum. Those voters were the stupid, right-wing, Christian conservatives who didn’t have college degrees. They are the kind of folks that President Obama said cling to their Bibles and guns. Well I actually have a different explanation. It goes something like this.

Perhaps the notion that people who graduate from college are more intelligent than others who don’t, should actually be examined and subjected to a little scrutiny. With all of the constant partying and beer drinking that goes on around American campuses nationwide, should we just blithely assume that most students are there to receive an education, and they are actually learning something besides how to keep from barfing? A college degree doesn’t actually make anyone smart, and the absence of one doesn’t necessarily imply that somebody is stupid. There are other ways to access and absorb information. The assumption that people who don’t receive a college degree and the education that goes with it are incapable of rational or intelligent thought is simply erroneous. And the assumption that colleges and universities actually produce smart people is not true. At best they merely supply some information and add a few necessary facts which gives people who are already smart, an edge over their competition when looking for a job.

At worst, our nation’s colleges and universities are guilty of neglecting the basic fundamentals of an education, and merely pushing politically correct propaganda on a generation of unsuspecting, substance addicted youth, who can’t even begin to think for themselves because they have never been taught how to think for themselves! Instead, they have been brainwashed into total conformity. Perhaps some of the most intelligent people don’t even go to college because they already know this, and they are already able to think for themselves.

To be sure, the reason that most children go to college is because their parents expect them to go and because their friends are going, or because of the prospect of drastically improving their earning potential later in life, but at the ripe old age of nineteen I don’t think that is very likely. So most children go to college strictly for social reasons, and not for any great intellectual purposes. That’s why campus life is often just one big party, and students find the time to study and cram for their tests in between alcoholic binges. So I’m not so sure that by portraying college educated Romney voters in Illinois as more intelligent, the Chicago Tribune and National Public Radio are actually corre

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