Nibbling Away at Our Bill of Rights

One precious little freedom at a time, by one more freedom destroying piece of legislation at a time, something awful is happening in America.  One new destructive piece of legislation after another, is causing our precious Bill of Rights to start looking more and more like a pathetic Bill of baloney, sandwiched in between two liberally sliced pieces of Swiss cheese, that is big enough to drive a truck through.  In other words our Bill of Rights is rapidly becoming a pretentious collection of well-meaning, but all too frequently broken promises that appear to be shot through with holes big enough for a power hungry government, or any liberal ACLU attorney to drive their enormous progressive agenda through.  What can those of us who cherish our personal freedom which is enshrined in the Bill of Rights do, to halt this incessant nibbling away at our God given and un-alienable rights, whose very defense of was cited as the reason for the creation of our own Federal Government?

Well, we might begin by starting to respect and understand those very words in the Declaration,… the Constitution,… and the Bill of Rights,… words that came at such a great price that they cost brave men their lives,… and which words did set this nation in motion on its separate path!  And we might also do well to consider that these words were not just written by some speechwriter to pander for votes, or to position his boss for re-election, but that the people who expressed them, actually meant what they said, and they had everything to lose, and only the remotest possibility of freedom to gain.

So then if we can just remember these things, then maybe the same fervor that stirred up our country’s founders will also enable us to prove ourselves worthy of their sacrifices.  Let us at least try to prove ourselves worthy of all that those before us have accomplished. Amen.


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