A Way Around the Mainstream Media

How smart is it to keep raising hundreds of millions of dollars to support Republican candidates, and then turn around and hand it over to the Liberal Mainstream Media in order to try to get them elected?  Frankly I think it’s just plain stupid!  If you are a conservative, that money will only be used against you in the General Election, and it will only be used to elect more Liberals and Progressives, who will only continue to over tax you, over regulate you, and generally make your life more miserable.  It will only make you poorer while never serving to empower you!  Isn’t it quite obvious that we are following the wrong paradigm?  It is an unproductive paradigm that will never give us the ideological victory that we want. Then why do Republicans keep on doing this?

Let me offer at least a plausible explanation for what appears to illustrate very well, the definition of insanity.  It’s because for way too long the Republican Party has actually been controlled by east-coast Liberals.  Ronald Reagan encountered the “east-coast effect” when he ran for President the first two times, in 1968 and in 1976. But Reagan wasn’t the first, or the only conservative Republican to experience the determination of the “checked-pants Republicans” to maintain their firm grip on the GOP.

Richard Nixon was not really a conservative, but he was at least marginally better than his opponent Nelson Rockefeller was, at least at the beginning.  Nixon experienced the resistance of the Republican Party Progressives to give up the “keys to the car” and to relinquish control of the vehicle to someone other than themselves.  But Nixon was a “practical man” and he made compromises with the east-coast plutocracy in order to get what he wanted.  The only thing that even remotely resembled conservativism about Richard Nixon was his strong anti –Communist foreign policy.

However Barry Goldwater was a real conservative, and he definitely experienced the Progressive Republican backlash when he ran for the Republican Party nomination in 1964 against Nelson Rockefeller and won.  But this perennial resistance and open hostility to conservative values from the Republican Party Establishment probably cost him the General Election.  He was soundly trumped by Lyndon Johnson with the help from progressives in both political Parties, and the Liberal mainstream media who portrayed Goldwater as a hardline extremist.  The perennial resistance to conservative ideas within the progressive arms of both major political Parties goes back even farther than Goldwater, all the way back to the election of 1952, when Senator Robert Taft, the son of former President William Taft, along with his probable running mate, General Douglas MacArthur were sidelined by the Republican Party Establishment because of their fierce anti-Communist views.

It’s hard to know whether it was just their fierce anti Communist views that were actually the problem for Taft and Mac Arthur, or whether it was really their overall reluctance to take orders from the “powers behind the throne” that angered the Progressive Establishment.  In any event, “The Establishment” got behind Dwight D. Eisenhower who chose Richard Nixon as his running mate, and that was pretty much the end of Taft’s and MacArthur’s chances of winning!  The real conservatives in the race that year were Taft and MacArthur, not Eisenhower and Nixon. They had broad popular support and it was thought that they would be a shoe- in to win.  But that didn’t take into account the determination of “The Progressive Establishment” and the resources that they could bring to the table to accomplish their goal. “The strategy of the Progressive Establishment has always been to get the two most Liberal candidates nominated in the Primaries, and then to elect the most Progressive of them in the General Election.”

For a long time, real conservatives in the Republican Party have been given the short shrift, so this year’s State Primaries come as no surprise to me.  That’s why Michele Bachmann, Rick Santorum, and Ron Paul have all been largely ignored by the Republican Establishment and by the mainstream media.  But is there a way around this perplexing, perennial problem, i.e. the stranglehold that the Progressive Establishment and the mainstream media exercise over our elections, and over the Conservative Movement?  In a word, maybe.

I have been writing articles on politics and current events for over a year now.  I keep focusing on the flawed mechanics of how we keep nominating our candidates, in other words the three M’s of electioneering:   Money, Madison Avenue, and The Media.  All of the electioneering only serves to enrich and empower the Liberal, mainstream press.  Our elections have become nothing more than a cash cow for the Liberal media giants, like ABC, NBC, CBS, and FOX.  So what can we do about it?

When Ross Perot, a few years ago referred to that great sucking sound being the noise of American jobs leaving our country, he was only partly correct.  It is also the sound caused every two or four years by all of the money being sucked out of the pockets of conservative and moderate donors to Republican candidates, and being transferred into the New York bank accounts of the Big Liberal Democrats who own most of the mainstream media! Is there anything that we can do to staunch this financial bleeding, and still win elections?  Well, I believe there is.

I post all of my articles about politics and current events on my website <LessGovistheBestGov.com> I have not spent one red cent to advertise in the mainstream media in order to get noticed or to be heard above the din…And guess what?  If you type in the words: Newt Gingrich-progressive into the search engine, or into the address bar on the top of your computer screen, one of my articles on Newt Gingrich is #8 on the search results page, out of over 42,000,000 results! The same thing also happens when you type in the words : Newt Gingrich- establishment.  Out of 157,000,000 results, one of my articles on Newt Gingrich is #10 on the search results page!  But there’s even better news than that.  If you type in Newt Gingrich- progressive- establishment: BINGO you hit the jackpot!  Out of over 34,000,00 results, the top three items on the search page are three of my articles from <LessGovistheBestGov.com> There is also a 4th article from <LessGovistheBestGov.com > a little farther down in the #8 position.  In between are other articles from Glenn Beck, The Blaze, and ABC News. Similar results happen if you type in Mitt Romney- conservative;  or one world order- Newt Gingrich;  or Council on Foreign Relations-progressive-establishment.  When you type these last words into the address bar, the top four articles are all from LessGovistheBestGov.com!

I think this proves that there is definitely a way around the mainstream media chokehold on our political process, and that conservatives can be heard and we can get our message out without depending upon the mainstream media.  And we can educate and inform the electorate without depending upon the media spokes mouths, like George Will and Charles Krauthammer, Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity.  Even more importantly we do not have to drop any more money in venues that are openly hostile to our political ideology.  But I and others like me could use your help.   

You are willing to donate money every year to the RNC, or to Republican candidates like Rick Perry and Hermann Cain.  When it’s all sad and done, and of course it is very sad, they actually bilked you out of your money by pandering to your conservative values, and then turning around and handing it over to phony conservatives, or Liberal Republicans like Newt Gingrich and Mitt Romney!  Are you willing to give at least a small percentage of your hard earned money to support legitimate efforts such as mine that are actually trying to advance conservative principles?

What I do isn’t easy and it isn’t free.  I have personally spent over $20,000 of my own personal savings so far to get this website to the point where it is now being heard.  You ask me why it took so much money.  Well first of all, it’s not a lot of money when you compare it to what others are spending, much larger than me to be heard, and their internet search results are not any better than mine in many cases.  In some cases my search results are actually better than theirs!  By that I’m referring to Glenn Beck, the Blaze, Sean Hannity, ABC News, the Huffington Post, Alex Jones and his websites, Prison Planet and Info Wars.com.

But there are other people involved in the day to day operations of the website, and they charge for their time.  There is a website administrator who posts all of the stories and runs the nuts and bolts operation of the website.  She charges $60 an hour.  Four to five hours a week for fifteen months pretty quickly adds up to $15,000. Then there is graphic artwork that sometimes needs to get done.  That costs $60 an hour too.  These people have to put food on their table, and pay their mortgages, and provide for their families.  I use typists other than myself at times, and that costs $10 an hour.  I have an I.T. person who posts my articles on Facebook and Twitter and manages the responses.  She also posts my stories on other websites much bigger than my own, all in an effort to allow me to continue to write. And of course all of my time up till now has been absolutely free.

So after about a year I have spent over $20,000 of my own personal savings to get this website to the position where it can be heard above the din.  Why have I done all of this?  That’s a fair question.  Well, partly because I wanted to do something more meaningful with my life, and partly because I believe that this is a great country, which has been taken over by people in Washington with little minds.  As the great 18th century Irish statesman, Edmund Burke remarked, ”A great nation and little minds go ill together.”  I believe that the greatest nation on earth is worth it!  Freedom is worth preserving and passing on to the next generation.  And because way too many Americans put way too much of their trust in Big Government.  Washington wasn’t created to solve the everyday problems in countless little communities all across our country!  WE were!  It is not possible to hang on to our freedom without a quick return to the principles of limited Constitutional government, and to the very principles upon which our country was founded!

Recently I purchased some necessary equipment and I am learning how to use it, and how to do some of the other necessary things besides writing, that are critical to producing the finished product, which are the stories you read. That includes typing, computer skills, and learning how to navigate around the internet, as well as some of my own posting and the actual publishing of articles.  This will help keep costs down in the future.  If you can see the value in what I am doing, and the potential that my website has to express your own views, and hopefully to advance and even influence the national and local debates, then would you consider making a small donation to help the cause?

Finally I am grateful to everyone who has helped me so far to get the website to where it is today, especially to Thomas Harrison, who is affectionately referred to around here as Dr. Frankenstein, to Cindy Mallette, my trusted I.T. person, and to Kelly Hodsdon, Becky Lemler, Crystal Erickson, Linda Hamilton, and Rosalind Hora.

Someone once said,”Aim for the moon. Then at least you will clear the barn and not wind up in the manure pile.  I just hope I miss the manure pile!

We can win the hearts and minds of our fellow Americans, and ultimately we can win elections too!  But it will take education.  That’s the kind of education that probably won’t be coming from our public or private universities.  And you can bet that we won’t be getting any help from the mainstream media!  We will never win by spending more of our hard earned money in the Liberal mainstream media!  The search results pages that I mentioned earlier prove that real conservative voices can be heard right along with the phony ones sponsored by the mainstream media.

You can read more of Scott’s work at www.lessgovisthebestgov.com.