Post 9-11 – World of Fear – Living on Edge!

A little rag tag group of not more than nineteen airplane hijackers, directed by one evil mastermind  from a remote cave in north eastern Afghanistan, terrorized America on September 11, 2001 and literally sent shock waves through the world community that reverberated all the way from New York to Bombay and back! These shock waves set off a scare that hijacked the whole world, and has held us all  hostage ever since!  9-11 was more than ten years ago, and even though all of the hijackers are surely dead, and Osama bin Laden is supposedly dead too, nevertheless we are all acting like we are living in fear, and we are allowing our government to keep us in this continuous state of fear, so much so that the Patriot Act is still thought by many to be necessary today, –  ten years after Muslim terrorists brought down the World Trade Center in New York!

But if that isn’t bad enough, our Congress and our President are looking for even more ways to take away our precious personal freedom, under the benevolent pretext of “keeping America safe.”  ( I’m sorry, I mean they are managing our freedoms.  They aren’t actually taking our freedoms away. They are just managing them.)  On December 31st 2011, Congress passed and the President signed into law, the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA).  This is just the latest in a string of offences against our precious Bill of Rights, and it is also the newest example of the Federal government abusing its power!  The National Defense Authorization Act allows individual Americans to be rounded up by our military, in our own country, and in our own homes, and summarily thrown into a military prison, without habeas corpus, or due process, and to be held indefinitely on a mere accusation, with no proof  of guilt!   Enough already!  Aren’t you getting tired of all of this?  Aren’t you just about fed up with all of the scare tactics, the fear mongering, and the over reaction?  It’s been ten years since 9-11.

The only time in our nation’s history that American citizens were subjected to this kind of preemptory action by our own government was during the Civil War, and very briefly during World War II.  All of this is being done today in the name of fighting terror.  I’m starting to become more terrorized by my own Federal government than I am of any foreign threat!  What about you?  All this is being done under the pretense of fighting a “Global War on Terror” for which no actual Declaration of War has ever been issued!  This is what Ron Paul is trying to warn us about!  And he is not the only one who is sounding the alarm, – more than ten years after the original attacks on New York!  Are we ever going to be able to go back to a normal pre 9-11 existence, and a normal attitude with respect to individual liberty and the Bill of Rights?  If we don’t reverse this slippery slide into despotism right now, then I don’t think that there will be many of us left who can remember what “normal” was really like in America!  There are just too many young men and women alive today, who were born after 1990, who have grown up under the Patriot Act, who actually don’t know anything different. They think that strip searches at airports, pat downs, and a myriad of other more than just mere inconveniences are all perfectly normal!  That’s the real danger in all of this.  That soon, another generation of Americans will have grown up, who will never know what it was really like to be free!

Every year Congress considers close to forty thousand new laws!   Please read my article The Un-legislative Branch of Government.  How many of these laws are actually helping to destroy what’s left of our magnificent Bill of Rights?  Forty thousand new laws every year that just keep nibbling away at our fundamental protections in the Bill of Rights, those ten basic laws that keep Americans free from an overambitious and overreaching central government.  How much of the legislation that Congress passes each year, takes away more of our personal freedoms?  I would venture to say that a substantial amount of it does!

The biggest threat to America is not coming from Afghanistan!  It never was.  I’m not saying that Afghanistan was never a threat.  I said it was never the biggest threat!  The biggest threat to America is coming from forces at work right here in our own country, that are trying to destroy America, and take away what’s left of our freedom.  I believe 9-11 happened pretty much the way we are told, and that our attackers were all Muslim terrorists. There is no question about it!  But since then, I believe that the effort to apprehend the bad guys has been infiltrated, taken over, re-directed and used by even worse guys, to destroy the concept of individual nations and national sovereignty, and to eliminate freedom and individual liberty all across the world!   Remember the famous quote from Barack Obama’s personal friend and chief of staff, Rahm Emanuel, “Don’t let a good crisis go to waste!”

The greatest threat to America today, is coming from forces at work right here in our own country, forces that are sacking our Federal treasury, and loading us up with a mountain of debt!  These forces are devaluing our currency in order to help American corporations sell their products overseas, while at the same time making most Americans poorer by the very same currency manipulation!   And they are also at work insidiously trying to circumvent our Constitution, and destroy what’s left of our Bill of Rights, in order to render us subservient to the State, and reduce us to something less than a free people.  I say enough!  ENOUGH OF ALL OF IT!

That little conspiracy to attack America, which was planned from a cave in Afghanistan, has spread across the world like wild fire, and it has morphed into something much different than what it originally was!  It has spread across the entire planet, and leaders in government everywhere like Rahm Emanuel and Barack Obama, are using this crisis to advance their own interests, and the interests of those they serve. Everywhere in the world, people in their respective countries are losing whatever rights to freedom of thought, freedom of speech, and freedom of movement that they originally had, in order to supposedly “protect” them!  Frankly we have more to fear from our own governments!

It’s been over ten years since 9-11, and two foreign wars later, and there hasn’t been another major terrorist attack in America!  It’s time to repeal The Patriot Act and return to some semblance of normalcy, before we forget what normal really is!  And it’s not too late to revoke certain parts of the recently passed National Defense Authorization Act too!  We need to be protected more from our own government in Washington, than we do from Afghan terrorists!  We need more protection from Washington than we do from any foreign threat, including Iran and China.  And people all across the world likewise need to be protected from their own governments, which are effectively returning them to servitude and economic slavery!

Terrorist acts in our own country are miniscule compared to the garden variety of crime that occurs every day on our streets, such as burglary, rape, murder, assault and battery, drug dealing and possession of illegal drugs.  Terrorism in America doesn’t even account for 1/100th of one percent of all of the prisoners in our Federal prison system, not to mention all of the inmates in our State and County jails!

Last year the Patriot Act was set to expire, and Congress had the opportunity to just let it quietly fade away into history, as an anomaly, that was unfortunately necessary to deal with what most of us believed ten years ago, was a serious threat to our country.  But rather than allowing it to lapse, Congress renewed The Patriot Act instead, which continues to allow our Bill of Rights to be used as a doormat by the Federal government to walk all over us!  It was time to end The Patriot Act last year, not to renew it!

Instead of getting better, things just keep getting worse.  Now in addition to The Patriot Act, Barack Obama, with the help of a Democrat controlled Senate, and a Republican House of Representatives, has signed into law The National Defense Authorization Act, which goes even farther than The Patriot Act does when it comes to trampling on our Bill of Rights, and exercising near Martial Law powers!  And for what clear and present danger are we willing to give up our civil rights?  It was President Franklin Delano Roosevelt who said, “If you are willing to give up your freedom for a little security, then you don’t deserve either, and you will probably lose both!”

The last serious attack on our country was over ten years ago!  Right now we allow ourselves to be seriously interrogated at airports, scanned like a box of fruit loops at a checkout stand, only with radar detecting devices instead of light emitting diodes, and we are patted down before we are allowed to board a plane, or a train.  While that may still be necessary in order to keep the skies and the rails safe, there are city engineers who are installing cameras in most major cities of the world, just in order to monitor what goes on in the streets!  And they are creating new laws like The National Defense Authorization Act to haul people off to a military jail indefinitely, without due process of law, or the benefit of habeas corpus, and before we are even found guilty of committing a crime! This is nuts!  All of this is being done under the pretense of a “World Wide War on Terror.” Enough is Enough already!

We have more to fear from the overreaching hand of our own Big Government back in Washington than we do from Afghani terrorists eight thousand miles away.  If we would effectively go after the terrorists in their own countries, in other words go after the source of the problem in the countries where it originates, instead of allowing the bad guys to come here, then we wouldn’t even have to think about doing some of the exceptional things we are doing right here in our own country!  The War on Terror which clearly had a legitimate purpose ten years ago, has now become an obvious overreach today!

You can read more of Scott’s work at www.lessgovisthebestgov.com.