Counterfeit Conservatives – Newt Romney

The Devil comes as an angel of light, and he sounds so much like a messenger from God that if it were possible, he would deceive even the very elect.

Of course it is not possible the Bible proclaims, because God is the guarantor of our salvation!  But who or what is the guarantor of our personal freedom?  In the United States, the Constitution is the great guarantor of our freedom!

But how can this amazing document, which is the greatest achievement of our Founding Fathers, who have long ago died, defend even one of our sacred liberties from the encroachments of living politicians who have more than once tried?  The plain and simple truth is that no assemblage of mere words, no matter how lofty or high-minded they are, can defend us unless we are first willing to defend our Constitution. So like-minded conservatives and libertarians must insist upon strict compliance with the true meaning, and the clear intent of the Constitution! 

The enemies of freedom are always those progressive politicians who try to twist and distort the Constitution to conform to their own progressive agenda!  No one should be allowed to reconfigure or transform the Constitution to satisfy their own personal, or their Party’s goals!

Today, some so-called conservative pundits, and radio and TV talk show hosts, sound very much like real conservatives.  But they are actually wolves in sheep’s clothing!  They are trying to derail the TEA Party train!  They are trying to suck the wind from the TEA Party’s sails!  They use the same jargon that real conservatives use, and if it is possible, and you can count on the fact that it is possible, they will deceive the very conservative voters that they are trying to influence.

So who are these phony messengers of conservative principles?  Well I’m sorry to say they are people you know and trust.  They are media personalities that you have grown accustomed to hearing on the radio and television, and reading in the newspapers.

Rush Limbaugh is an avid golfer, and he is supposedly the most popular prophet of conservative values.  He is someone who has made more than a small fortune over the years, leading his congregation of conservative voters, but he frequently leads his followers off into the rough, on the right side of the fairway where you can often find him on the weekends.

Sean Hannity can never seem to get to the end of his long list of progressives, liberals, and RINO Republicans that he is both willing and eager to showcase on his radio and TV programs.  And if he ever does run out of new and interesting liberal guests to promote, then he will just go back to the beginning of his list and start over again.  There is Dick Morris, Geraldo Rivera, Bob Beckel, Ann Coulter, Lindsey Graham, John McCain, Mitt Romney, and Newt Gingrich, just to name a few.

Of course, we have all heard and watched Bill O’Reilly at FOX News over the years, position himself squarely in the middle on most issues, or straddling the fence so often that one could not be blamed for coming to the conclusion that he must wear a steel jock strap!

But what about the next generation of radio and TV talk show hosts, the ‘next-gen’ talkers?  Laura Ingraham, I’m sorry to say is pushing her favorite progressive Republican, Newt Gingrich. Doug Urbanski was last heard promoting Mitt Romney as 2011 drew to a close, before his radio show was canceled.

The Midnight Radio Network clowns, which broadcast from the great State of Texas, a place that you would normally think is conservative, are a couple of phonies too, who are shilling for Newt Gingrich!  How do I know that?  I called their show once, and I tried to get just a few of the pertinent facts out about the disgraced former Speaker’s record.  But they pushed the little red button that disconnected me before I could! Moments later after they jettisoned my call, they commented that if I wanted to trash Newt Gingrich, I should start my own website and do it there, but not on their show.  So I actually have first-hand experience with those two phonies from Texas.

And I have taken their advice too.  I started a website called NewtWorldOrderGingrich.com.  The two Midnight Radio Network stooges disconnected me after only about 10 seconds on the air.  This was after they had spent the first twenty minutes of their program in a monologue glorifying and praising Newt Gingrich as the only conservative who could actually beat Barack Obama.  There must be a lot of pot-bellied pigs in Texas, because that sure is a lot of hogwash! 

Any Republican candidate can beat Barack Obama.  That’s why it is so important that we get behind a real conservative!  We have a wonderful opportunity before us, if we can just get a real conservative to lead the Republican ticket.

Last but not least there is Mark Levin, a man who has a lot of intellectual and ideological influence among conservative voters, and a man I actually like listening to most of the time…  But as we get closer to the actual date of the State Primaries, he seems to be reserving an awful lot of respect and support for guess who, Newt Gingrich!

The other day on his radio program, Mark Levin called Congressman Ron Paul, “A real nut job who can’t beat Obama.”  Oh really!  Does Mark Levin now think that he speaks for the entire nation?  Let me remind him that he doesn’t even speak for the Republican Party!  If Mark Levin thinks he has his hand on the pulse of America, and that he knows what most Republicans want, then maybe we should just let him pick the Republican nominee for us!  After all it would certainly be a lot quicker and cheaper!

Levin has ramped up his attacks on Ron Paul.  He has taken them to a whole new level of rancor.  He has called Ron Paul a crackpot and a neo-confederate, whatever that means!  That’s the first time I’ve ever heard that term used in so-called ‘civil’ discourse, broadly speaking.  And he has called all of Ron Paul’s supporters jerks and morons.

If anyone is fracturing the Republican Party right now, it’s not Ron Paul!  It’s people like Mark Levin with their hateful rhetoric.  It sounds to me like he is getting very desperate.  Ron Paul is not my first choice.  I supported Michele Bachman, now Rick Santorum, and then Ron Paul!  But if we don’t get a real conservative nominee this time, I’m ready to throw my support to Ron Paul as a Third Party candidate, no matter what anyone says!  And the Republican Establishment better think long and hard before they try to shove another phony RINO Republican progressive down our throats again!

It seems to me that Ron Paul wouldn’t even get Mark Levin’s token support if he turns out to be the Republican Party’s nominee.  Well that’s exactly the way I feel about Newt ‘World Order’ Gingrich!  I will not support Newt Gingrich under any circumstances.  I will not support a nominee who describes himself as a ‘Real Politik’ Wilsonian.  I will not support someone who is a fan of author Alvin Toffler’s books, The Third Wave and Creating a New Civilization: the Politics of the Third Wave.  I will not support a man who views our Constitution as an impediment or an obstacle that just gets in his way.

Newt once said, that in order to understand him you had to read Toffler’s book, The Third Wave.  He is a big fan of Toffler’s ideas for a new world civilization.  Toffler writes that our current form of government is obsolete, and that it must be replaced with something better, some new kind of government that will work for today.  Those are the kind of ideas that Newt Gingrich is a big fan of!  That is exactly what the far-left leaning political commentator, Fareed Zakaria believes too!  And guess what?  They are both members of the ‘forward-looking’, progressive thinking Council on Foreign Relations.   I won’t vote for a progressive just because they happen to be a Republican, or because they might be one step better than an outright Marxist!

When Mark Levin isn’t openly ridiculing Ron Paul, he is being very disrespectful of the twelve-term Congressman.  Levin refers to the Congressman as ‘Rue’ Paul, as in you will ‘rue the day you ever voted for him’.  But although he denies it, Mark Levin is also doing a lot to advance the fortunes of Newt Gingrich, just by claiming that Mitt Romney is the official progressive Establishment candidate in the race.  Levin says that Romney is a member of the Republican Establishment, while he totally ignores Newt Gingrich’s extensive Establishment credentials!  Newt has a long record as a progressive ideologue, and a 22-year member of the Council on Foreign Relations.  He was the House Minority Whip, and later the Speaker of the House, and the third in line of succession to the President.  There is no bigger member of the progressive political Establishment than Newt ‘World Order’ Gingrich.  See NewtWorldOrderGingrich.com.  Also see Newt Worthy or Not,   Newt Gingrich Update, and Newt Gingrich Consummate Politician and Progressive Establishment Republican

We have far more to fear from another progressive like Newt Gingrich than we do from a strict constructionist like Congressman Ron Paul!

As far as Dr. Paul’s foreign policy goes, and as extreme as some of his foreign policy statements sound, there is no stricter adherent in Congress to the Constitution than Ron Paul!  Even if you disagree with some of his more extreme foreign policy views, and I do, you still have to admit that his foreign policy positions over the years are far more in line with the views of our Founding Fathers (Washington, Adams, Jefferson, and Madison) than any other candidate who is running in the Republican Presidential Primary!  With that said, we also live in a very different world today, and discretion should be the general order of the day.  It is certainly the better part of valor!

Next, let’s talk about some phony conservative newspaper columnists.  Let’s start out with one of Mark Levin’s acknowledged friends, former Democrat, Charles Krauthammer.  A couple of months ago, Krauthammer told the TEA Party activists to pack it up and go home, when they were right in the middle of trying to keep the pressure up on Congress to make serious spending cuts in order to balance the Federal Budget and to reduce the Federal Debt and deficits.

Ultimately Congress did not make the necessary and serious spending cuts, and Krauthammer was perfectly okay with that.  He told the TEA Party in his column that they had made their point, and they should just go home!  Why?  Because Charles Krauthammer is still a Democrat in his heart, and in his mind too, even though he prefers to register now as a Republican.  He probably registers Republican just in order to pull our Party farther to the left too.  See my article, Farther to the Left Too.

By the way, Mark Levin calls Charles Krauthammer his personal friend!  Another one of Levin’s friends is political commentator and strategist, Bob Beckel.  He actually still is a Democrat.  They say birds of a feather flock together.  Well I guess they really do!

George Will may never have been a Democrat before, but he frequently doesn’t sound like a real conservative either.  He is so far removed from the average American voter, and buried so deep inside of the Washington Beltway, that he couldn’t tell the difference between a blue-collar worker and a blue light special.

So what about the primary cause of all of this debate and divisiveness, Newt Gingrich, the disgraced former Speaker of the House?  Newt has such a long political record that all you have to do is read what he has done in the past, in order to know what he will do in the future.

Newt describes himself as a ‘Real Politik’ Wilsonian, and he said in 1995 that if you wanted to understand him, you had to read The Third Wave by Alvin Toffler.  This book advocates for a progressive new world order, in which adultery, homosexuality, and other forms of immorality are all considered to be perfectly normal and even desirable!  That’s something that Newt Gingrich knows a lot about!  For anybody that doesn’t know history, Woodrow Wilson was a progressive Democratic President in the early 1900s, who was as far to the left in his lifetime as Barack Obama is today.  See Chronicling America’s Progressive Slide to SocialismNewt referred to himself as a ‘Real Politik’ Wilsonian!

All of these people are Mark Levin’s friends to one degree or another: Ann Coulter, Charles Krauthammer, Bob Beckel, Sean Hannity, and of course the ever-present Rush Limbaugh.  Together they form a very formidable defense of the status quo, and of the Establishment.  This almost impenetrable defensive line has been assembled in order to block you, and manipulate you, the Republican voters!  Together they probably reach 40 to 50 million Americans every day, with their counterfeit conservative message!  Mark Levin and the rest of his friends are so deep into Newt Gingrich’s public relations campaign that you would have to drag them to the surface with an trans-Atlantic underwater cable!

Finally in closing, I would like to encourage you to think about the whole issue of taxation from a slightly different perspective than the one that is usually presented by the mainstream media (FOX News included).  Everyone is talking about taxes today, whether we should raise them or lower them, or leave them basically the same.  One side claims that we need to raise taxes.  The other side says that we need to lower taxes across the board, in order to avert disaster.  Both sides are concentrating their message on how taxes directly affect middle-income people and families.  However, they are both failing to point out the effect that tax revenues have on our Federal Government, a.k.a. Frankenstein.

If you want to reduce the size and the impact of this Federal monster, then you must not allow the Federal Government to increase its revenues, by any means, no matter where the money comes from!  Whether it comes from rich people, or middle class people, it still goes right into the same old pockets to feed the same insatiable appetite, and to satisfy the addiction to revenue of our Federal Government!  See my article, Addicted to Revenue.

You can read more of Scott’s work at www.lessgovisthebestgov.com.

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