The Ging"Grinch" that Stole Christmas

‘Twas the week before Christmas and all through the house
Congress was still working while Americans were clicking their mouse
Eager to know who was up in the polls
Who would win Iowa and New Hampshire before the first snows.
Political candidates were all lined up in a row
Just trying to make it past Iowa and spending tons of their dough
While Republicans were hanging all of their hopes
On the dubious premise voters are more than mere dopes
And pundits in the media conjecture and boast
That voter apathy is definitely over for most.

On Bachmann, On Perry, Santorum, and Paul
Fine free market Republicans who’d make life better for all
But the powers behind the throne have a different plan
They are throwing their weight behind another man
Some claim it’s Romney, but I know the truth
It’s the Ging’Grinch’ that stole Christmas I’ll bet my eyetooth!

Democratic Politicians are running scared in the night
They are worried their pet cat is getting ready to bite
They are scurrying about like a frantic mouse
Convinced that the voters are going to really clean house.
Meanwhile legislators in Congress are in session tonight
Driving fiscal Bills forward with no debt end in sight
Driving down a never ending road
That leads only to financial insolvency, sound economics has showed.

Our country keeps waiting, with our future in doubt
For a leader with courage to help us find our way out
Out of the huge financial mess we have got ourselves in
By trusting politicians who have sold us just spin.
Our Republic is waiting with our future hanging in the balance
Waiting for a good man or woman with the necessary skill and talents
Who will win the caucus in the Hawkeye State?
Can a conservative win New Hampshire, or is that already too late?
All of the candidates are hopeful and their campaign staffs are ready to go
To appeal to the voters and if by chance, Oh
They could persuade and convince us to be ware of Big Gov
And move our great nation with the smallest shove.

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