Losing the Bigger Ideological Struggle With Socialism

The United States won the Cold War with the Soviet Union, but we are losing the bigger ideological struggle with Socialism.

Out of 183 countries in the world today, only a handful of countries are not socialist!  Only a few countries follow the principles of limited government, and individual liberty as set forth in our Constitution, and have free and open markets.  These are the principles that built America into a great nation!

Whatever strategy the United States is using, it is not working very well at convincing other countries around the world to follow our example.  In fact, we don’t even follow our own example anymore, so why should anyone else?

We have forsaken our first love of a truly limited federal government, with specified powers, that is bound and constrained by our Constitution, for one that tramples on the rights of its citizens, and on the powers reserved to the people, and to the States.

Our rugged American individualism, and the spirit of liberty and self-sufficiency that was present at our nation’s birth, have given way to social welfare programs and government entitlements, which have made us weak and dependent, instead of strong and free! 

This has been partly due to the fantastic success of the industrial and cultural revolutions.  Basically, we are victims of our own stunning success!


Capitalism defeated Communismin the 1980s, but Communism’s evil twin sister, Socialism, is defeating individualism and free markets in the 21st Century!

If we can’t even convince our own people to enthusiastically embrace the principles of the Founding Fathers, then why should other countries put any credence in them?  And if this is the case, then why should our American military be stationed all over the world to defend these other countries.  Let them defend themselves if that is the case.

If you think that what’s wrong with America can be fixed with just a little tweaking around the edges, then it doesn’t really matter which Republican candidate you vote for in the Presidential Primary.  You can vote for Romney, Perry, Cain, or Gingrich.  It doesn’t make any difference.

But if you know in your heart that the only thing that will save our country is a complete return to Constitutional government, then there are only two or three good candidates to choose from.  That would be Michele Bachmann, Ron Paul, or Rick Santorum.  Those are the only candidates that would do more than just put the brakes on progressivism.  They would actually grab hold of the wheel of the ship of state, and turn America around. They would actually feed a little gas to the engine of capitalism and free markets, and begin moving our country back in the right direction, back to our roots and our traditions of limited government, and personal responsibility!

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