The Economy According to Les Nichols

  It is plain and simple. Americans have lost the fight and survival spirit. They have spent to long depending on Government to bail them out when they are in crisis. 200 years ago Americans depended on each other. The Family worked hard to make a home, to raise kids, Etc. What happened? What happened is we became creatures of comfort. We got lazy, and Lethargic. We lose a job we cry and feel sorry for ourselves. And look for big Daddy(government) for assistance. Instead we should be out fighting for what we deserve.

Now it is not all our faults. The Government has jumped up and took advantage of the situation. But we did open that door. This is a system that the government has been working on for over 30 years. Now they have us. You will see them taking over more institutions and big corporations. There excuse is they need a BAILOUT. It is sad that a suppose to be free nation will be no longer be free.

Our founding fathers decided that the thirteen colonies should no longer be colonies. They should be states and claim their Independence from Britain. With the British ships sitting off the coast and threatening to hang all those who go against them. They still formed and signed the Declaration of Independence. They wanted to be FREE!!! Here we are 233 years later and all that is going down the drain. What is our next step as Americans? Who will be our next leader to help make a change? It will have to be all of us. We need to be more independent and use less government. We need to run the country. Not the country run us. Get away from using credit. Get away from government run health care. We need to be more relying on taking care of family and friends. Live our lives as free, god serving Americans.

I am sorry for my rant, but I am just concerned where we will be in 40 years. For my Children, and Grandchildren’s lives. Thank you and Take care.