The Absence of God

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I was disturbed to discover that President Obama requested the religious symbols in Gaston Hall, most notably the inscription “IHS” that symbolizes the name Jesus, at Georgetown University be covered during his economic address earlier this week.  This follows his comments in 2007 that America is “no longer a Christian nation.”  While the President continues to quote the scripture and reference his faith, it seems the White House is subtly attempting to remove God from our every day lives. 

Georgetown University is a Catholic institution, founded by the Jesuits.  Their heritage, much like ours, is based in religion and on religious doctrine.  We are, after all, a nation founded on the principle that we are one nation, under God.  And I, for one, am proud of that.  Georgetown University should not be forced to hide their religious beliefs in order to appease the President, just as the people of this country should not force hide their religious beliefs in order to appease liberal interest groups determined to impose their anti-religion stance on the entire country.

The Founding Fathers had no intention of removing religion from our lives.  In fact, many religious tenants are the backbone of our Constitution.  Instead they wanted to ensure that we were all able to worship God as we pleased.  How dismayed they would be to learn that our nation’s leader has taken to covering the name Jesus Christ at a Jesuit university.

Whether the President agrees with me or not, I still believe that we are a Christian nation- one nation, under God.

Frank Lucas represents Oklahoma’s Third Congressional District in the United States House of Representatives.  For more Frankly Speakings, please visit Rep. Lucas’ Blog at http://www.house.gov/lucas/frankly-speaking/index.shtml.