The Conservative Backbone

Do we have one?

Right now, I say No. 

I continue to read and hear stories that are unacceptable yet I do not see any action.  Last week I watched a horrible so-called musical that was pro-gay marriage.  I later read about it on redstate and heard about it on talk radio.  I decided to boycott the actors and Marc Shaiman (who wrote the musical – he also composed hairspray).  I dont think my boycott has had any impact yet!    Why?  Because Im probably the only one in the boycott.  Ok maybe two – my friend.  I wrote some nasty letters but again maybe I was the only one.   (Maybe my way of expressing outrage is incorrect but I do not have anyone yelling for me.)

Everytime baby Jesus sits on city property, he gets about two minutes before the ACLU cries foul.   If you say GOD, sshhhhhhhh!  But the Fword, hey thats freedom of speech.  The liberal agenda is loud.  Why arent we? 

While I appreciate the conservative talk shows and many conservative websites, all I see is mere words with little to no corresponding actions.  None have been able to rally the conservative base into a united front and forge against the liberal agenda.   Go ahead and throw condoms in church.  Thats cool.