If Obama can walk on water, why can’t he sell a Dodge?

Obama should tell all his supporters to go out and buy American. Instead of using taxpayer money to bail out the auto industry, buy American. I mean “the One” can make Oceans rise – why not sell cars? If at least 10% of his supporters buy American, the industry should be in better shape. I mean how many Obama stickers did you see on American cars? I didn’t see many. I don’t care if they feel the American car is inferior, either.

The Liberal mentality is to tell someone else to do something. Not themselves. They are good at telling other people how to do a job. They say create jobs! Why don’t they create jobs? “Jobs, baby, Jobs” yelled Hillary! Has Hillary Clinton ever started a private company? What jobs has she created? I want to know. They say spread the wealth. Where do they spread the wealth? I mean how many times has Ben Afleck turned down a movie so a less known, ‘poorer’ actor could do the movie instead? They say equal rights! But they believe those who earn more money need to pay more taxes. (Also, What equal rights do they give to opinions?) They say come together, Obama is your president. What coming together did they do when Bush became president?

I want to see some action. Liberals believe Obama can fix the economic crisis. Well here’s a chance. Go buy a Dodge, or a Chevy, or a Ford. Do it!