Obama looks to undo Utah drilling decisions

Obama looks to undo Utah drilling decisions

Why? Because Americans might actually need oil and it might reduce the price of goods, create jobs. The logic is simple. We need to ride bicycles to and fro while we find alternative resources (as opposed to drilling for oil and finding alternatives). Yes this makes logical sense. The same logic Gore uses when he takes a jet to promote his film on saving the planet.

That’s why I am announcing a new initiative to do away with wine. The logic is simple. Grapes should be used for food consumption. We are wasting valuable grapes on wine and it is bad for the environment:

“Wine enthusiasts such as Colman and winemakers are increasingly becoming aware of the impact their favorite beverage has on the environment, from the pesticides and fertilizers used to grow wine grapes, to the greenhouse gases released while transporting the wine from the vineyard to often far-reaching locales. “

I know it will be hard (especially during these four years when wine will help us cope) but we need to reduce our dependence; it’s bad for the environment. Get on Ebay and sell your vehicle while you’re at it too.