Can somebody please put to rest giving credit to Clinton for the economy in the late 90's

I was listening to Hannity tonight on the way home, and was listening to Tamara Holder debating some lady that was on the right side of the political spectrum, and I heard Tamara start singing the praises of Clinton for the economy in the 90’s.  Can we please get a few things straight about how Clinton and those times.

1.  Clinton inherited a time in America where we did not have to deal with a powerful Soviet Union and hence benefitted from a great peace dividend.  I know I was in college between 1992 and 1996, and was very happy that I did not have to think about the big nuclear bomb coming at us, or a nuclear war with the USSR.  That alone allowed for a peace dividend that by itself should have balanced the budget and we would have been able to completely defend ourselves.  Even with that, he almost squandered that by going far left and actually comtemplated doing Hillarycare which would have been a complete disaster, which leads me to point 2.

2.  Clinton got slapped in the midterms in 1994 bringing in Gingrich and the Contract with America.  I remember those battles where Gingrich had to bring Clinton kicking and screaming to pass things like Welfare Reform and at least on paper balancing the budget, (even though we know that this was more of a accounting trick then anything else).  Even if the budget was truly balanced, the mid to late 90’s also got the bounce of my third point.

3.  The tech boom of the mid to late 90’s was huge, with the explosion of the potential of the Internet, and at the time the concerns over the Y2K crisis, many people were able to rebuild themselves into some degree of technical careers.  I did that myself, translating my Economics and Business degree, into a computer technician job, just because I was able to do things in DOS that most folks did not understand.  People who would not have gotten jobs because of dropping out of school, were able to get careers in the computer with nothing more, than some basic knowledge, reading some books, taking the MCSE tests, and having most of these companies taking a shot on them.  That definitely had an impact on the economy, bringing many folks that would have been working class and lower to middle and some to upper middle class status. 

So lets recap who the Democrat’s and liberals should really be worshipping (I would use another word or two, but site rules disallow profanity).  For number one, they should be at the altar of Ronald Reagan and George Bush I, for the take down of the USSR.  2.  It takes two to make the dance of balancing the federal budget happen (Basic Civics, budget bills begin in the House of Representatives), therefore, if Clinton is going to get the credit, equal credit must go to, the Congresses of the mid to late 90’s as well, (Namely the congress under the leader ship of folks like Gingrich, and Frist).  3.  They should be worshipping at the home offices of places like Microsoft, Cisco, Oracle, and the other tech companies that paved the Internet Superhighway creating jobs at all levels of that spectrum. 

Sorry I can’t give credit to quarterback for winning a Super Bowl if all he did was hand the ball off to the running back for the entire game, and I can’t give credit to a president that walked into the rosiest of situations and even then almost blew it.