Eugene Robinson, giving credit where credit is not due

While I was at McDonalds, enjoying a nice Angus Burger, fries, and diet coke, I picked up my local rag, (Cincinnati enquirer), where I found this little gem talking about Obama’s “win streak”, I looked at this and felt the serious need to some truth to the garbage that this guy is spewing.

To see the full article, you can go here, but I will highlight just a few things, that tack the Leopard B.S. o-meter to 12.


1.  He mentions the troops getting of out Iraq.  That is all well and good, however, if I am not mistaken, that evil, incompetent guy George W. Bush set the table for that in his last year of office, Bambi didn’t have to do a damn thing, but let Bush’s guys run the war, and peace and stay the hell out of the way. 

2.  BP oil spill, can’t get credit for fixing a problem that first off, many members of your own constituency created, with the pushing of garbage enviromental laws that made it so that the only place to get the oil that is needed, is doing the high risk drilling of miles under the ocean.  Secondly, all he really did was get in the way, and never shut is f’ing piehole about how evil BP was, and how he was going to kick asses, but it was both him, and at the time ineffective leadership from the people put in charge, that dragged out that spill longer than it had to be.  If I had to check with my boss, everytime, I went to the bathroom, I wouldn’t be effective at my job either.  I still thoughly believe that if he would have taken the option of getting the hell out of the way, that whole oil mess would have been taken care of earlier, and the whole Gulf region would not have suffered economically as it did due to him and his minions, playing up the “crisis”, instead of getting the job done.

3. GM and auto bailouts.  That too, if I was not mistaken, was another policy (one that I did not agree with whatsoever) by that evil, idiot George W. Bush, you know the guy that we should be blaming for close to 10% national unemployment now, and the reason everyone seems scared of their own shadow when it comes to finances and job security.  Instead of the fact that there is a looming tax hike about to hit in the next 3 months because nothing that is going to be paletable to either side is going to pass to stop that train from hitting us dead square in the ass.

Mr Robinson, tends to have a very warped view of current history, or he is waiting in the line right after Michelle O, to give oral favors to Barak, because this entire article to me was about as true as the dream I had about me and Halle Barry having a steamy love affair on the beaches of Aruba.