Who draws the short straw to fall on their sword.

Listening to talk radio, Fox News, and the news in general, it appears that the Democrats are perilously close to having to make that decision.

The question is which way is this going to go.  Will the progressives, allow their dream candidate in Obama to go down in flames in 2012, or are they willing to sacrifice the 2010 congressional dems like a master chess player will sacrifice a queen to leave the opening for a rook-bishop combination attack for a checkmate?

My initial thoughts on this subject have always been that the liberals wanted to be able to claim the mantle of having the first African-American president come from their ranks, and then once he was shown as a complete failure they would let him fall to the wayside and then make sure that they used the tools of the NAACP, media, etc. to make sure that there would be no way in hell that if the GOP ran an African-American candidate, that they would be elected.  The terms of sellout, race-traitor, Uncle Tom, or other disparaging terms used against African-American conservatives would be used, combined with the ginning up of mistrust amongst some of the racist fringe on both sides of the political spectrum would make sure that even if the black candidate was the reincarnation of Ronald Reagan he/she would never be elected.

However, looking at things recently however, I am starting to get the feeling that Obama is the king on the chessboard, that needs to be protected at all costs, therefore, the progressives would take the defeat in 2010, let Obama have to compromise with a GOP until 2012, then make Obama out to be the only thing standing between the evil GOP and the American people, and then attempt to use the 2012 elections to get more of their type of Democrat elected as well as get Obama reelected.

Now I am hearing some conspiracies such as Hillary taking another shot in 2012, leading to probably a very bloody primary, and if Hillary did win, then their would be a comfort level from the American public because at least she is not as “radical” as Obama was, especially since the Obamacare reforms are already passed, there would be no look at what she wanted to do when her and Bill were running the show back in the 90’s.

So I guess in thinking out loud, I am trying to get into the twisted mind of an Alynskyite of what the true strategy is so that they don’t lose the gains that they seem to made in 2006 and 2008.  Any thoughts would be appreciated.