Local area store closes, opens race-baiting door

This past week, while driving my wife to work, and again this morning doing some shopping before I go down to officiate the Big East Track and Field Championships down at the University of Cincinnati, one of the big local stories in the Cincinnati-Metro area is the closing of the Kroger store in the Roselawn community.  Now as a conservative/libertarian type that I am, my visceral reaction was that if the store was profitable the company would not see the need to close the store, and I am sure there are many ways for folks to get the needed food.

However, listening to the radio stations that my wife has programmed in her car stereo all I can hear is how this is unfair for those poor, majority black folks that live in this neighborhood that this store is closing although the place was operating at a loss which seems to me tells me that the people in that area were probably already going to other stores, and received more than enough assistance to get to those other stores.

What really gets me riled up about this as a member of African-American decent is that now quite a few politicians are now attempting to use this as an election time issue, and of course they are dealing the race card like it was the big joker in game of spades, so far the only folks that I have heard try to make this an issue is of course Democrats.

This diary started out as a solicitation for seeing how other conservatives would feel about this, but as I was writing I saw that this issue is being used as a club by some politicians who want to capitalize off of the race/victim card to get themselves elected.  So I went from having some sympathy for those that live in the community to actually no sympathy thanks to those who are now wanting that store to stay open and want the government to come to the rescue and force the store to not only stay open, but invest more into a losing store so that they can have “quality food” available.   I would like to ask my liberal fellow citizens, when does the government control end, and freedom begin and if I am not mistaken, when the government is telling businesses how to run their businesses but allows the business itself to stay open, that bespeaks of a fascism that was practiced by such lovely folks like Adolf Hitler, and Benito Mussolini.

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