An amateur analysis of where we are going with Health Care

Why can’t folks on the Democrat side of things be honest as to where this bill will ultimately lead within the time frame of about 8 to 10 years from this point?  I am sitting here listening to Cavuto and a Dem strategist is on talking about how right now this current bill puts insurance companies in a stronger position than they were before, probably due to the insurance mandates causing a captive audience, but they don’t mention some of the other things that will do the Cass Sunstein nudge to what the left ultimately wants which is a single payer system, and make it so that we are begging for it by this time. I am going to list some of the things that I have heard below which will make that nudge a reality.

1.  The pre-existing condition mandate.  This mandate sounds really good on paper, hell being a diabetic myself I would think this is great, however if these insurance companies are going to have to know that they are going to be paying claims on day one of a policy such as covering someone’s insulin from the jump or paying for someone’s chemotherapy for cancer on day one and not be able to charge as such, what is an insurance company to do.  1. They will raise their rates on everybody in the insurance pool. 2.  Cry to the government to bail them out to keep their shareholders solvent.  Either one of these will either get to the point where single payer is the only solution.

2.  HHS being able to determine what the insurance companies need to cover.  This is another mandate, where we know that right now to start, to put the insurance companies on guard to a point where they will beg for the bailout will be to make these insurance companies cover everything under the sun regardless of need, this in itself will raise rates on everyone in the pool because of more things needing to be covered for everybody. These rate hikes will easily cause a majority if not everyone in the populace saying screw it, let’s go to a single payer system believing that this will be a better option than the private companies.

3.  Subsidies for people up to 88,000 a year.  This will bankrupt the government eventually considering we are already a few trillion in debt already.  This bankruptcy will probably even cause conservatives to say what would be cheaper to keep ourselves solvent, keeping these subsidies or going to a single payer system, those seem to be the only two options.

These are just three things that I can see that makes this bill not a healthcare reform bill, but a poison pill which will eventually infect the system so badly that when all is said and done, the people, the insurance companies and any doctors that are left will be begging for the government to save them and then we as a people are rolling the dice against the house of government bureaucracy where I don’t know about anybody else, but I would rather take my chances at a casino in Atlantic City than the house of the federal government.

I welcome anybody else’s thoughts on this.