A couple of fears that I have

I have been thinging through things the last day or so and I have a couple of fears that I would like to share with this community to see what they thing.

My first fear is the whole healthcare thing.  The more I see of this debate, especially after the “bi-partisan” healthcare confrernce, I am wondering how much of this garbage can be repealed after the the dems go the “Reconciliation” route to push it through.  My thinking goes like this:

1.  These scumbag progressive Dems in the House and Senate go ahead and pass the bill, with all of the “House” fixes throught the reconciliation process of the House passing the Senate bill, then passing their “fixes” and the Senate gets the 50%+1 to pass the fixes through the senate, then the president signs this garbage. How much of this can get rolled back assuming the following factors. 

A.  Even with big wins by the GOP, it will still not be enough to either override a veto from the president, or break a filibuster in the Senate.

B.  What happens after 2010 is done, and the complicit MSM makes it seem like a GOP congress is impotent, and 2012 turns into people stating ”We want the Gov to be able to do something.”  I can see Obambi and the the dem/progressive caucus getting swept right back into power in 2012 and we are completely screwed.

My second question is probably more philosophical, but I think this deems an answer to assuage my fears and the fears of many people, and that is the arguement of incorporation.  It is my belief that certain things are incorporated to being a citizen of the United States of America and cannot be crapped upon no matter where one lives.  For example, I may have to register the fact that I am a gun owner in certain states vs. other states, but no state and or locality can out and out ban me owning a gun.  I was listening a little bit to the Mike Church show on my way home and it appears that even some conservatives have the belief that since the idea of Incorporation is such an evil extension of the Federal government that the right to own and bear weapons for self defense should be one of those things that the states can regulate but the federal gov. cannot.  For somebody like me who tends to be very sympathetic to things like individual rights to things like being able to bear arms to protect my property, and the right to things like being able to vote, which there has been a history of certain states stating that if certain racial critera were not met one could not vote or barriers were put in the way to exclude people who did not meet a certain racial critera.   

Again, I know where I stand as far as the political spectrum, I am for the most part a strong libertarian that believes in a strong national defense.  My beliefs can be summed up by stating that even if we had the rights to bear arms, and the individual rights to do things to ourselves as long as they did not harm anybody else that it does not matter if some 3rd world country develops nukes, and gives those nukes to some terrorist org. that turns around and gives up underwear bomber Part II, but instead of a failed attempt a city like Newark, NJ or Detroit, MI turns into a mushroom cloud.  However, as someone who comes from a group that has had their rights perpetually crapped upon by this country, I would like to know how others who are conservative like myself look at these issues.  Again, if anybody has read any of my posts, I do not hold to any progressive leanings, and tend to puke whenever I hear the race baiters and race pimps state anything because I know they do nothing more but perpetuate more progressive control that only leads to the race that they are representing becoming more and more marginalilzed in the political discouse. What I seek with this post is others giving me a better viewpoint of how to see things from the conservative point of view that I can look to so that I can tell the progressives who want to smear the conservative/Libertarian point of view as racist that they are dead wrong, and this is how conservatism/libertarianism works to bring equilibrium to all people in this country and that the progressives have used race as another piece on the backgammon board to further their cause without a care for those that are truly affected by their policies.