Can we stop the garbage of the GOP being the party of Big Business

As I was eating my non Michelle Obama approved lunch at McDonalds, I picked up a paper that they offered and was treated to this article.


This article pretty much states that Driehaus has outraised Chabot from a number of businesses in the area including Procter and Gamble in which Cincinnati is home base for them. 

Of course this made me cringe on so many levels. My biggest cringe was the hypocrisy of the coverage.   We all know that if this was the GOP or conservative candidate getting money from these same sources, they would be beyond evil. The press would have made sure that this article was put in such a negative light that the candidate could never attempt to try to show any credentials that they care about the middle class.  In this article however this was nothing more than cheerleading with about two or three lines covering Chabot’s reaction.

So now can we drop the pretense that the GOP is the party of big business and that the Democrat party is such the party of the little guy?