Is Chris Matthews trying to save what's left of his credibility

I just got done watching the clip on Eric Brockaway’s RedHot where Chris Matthews is interviewing Alan Grayson and is pretty much telling Grayson that he is either living in fantasy land or pandering letfy netroots in stating that they are going to attempt to fight for a health care bill through reconciliation.  I also saw a few days back, I don’t remember exactly when but it did seem that he was taking a more moderate tone since the Scott Brown beatdown in Massachucetts.  Now considering that he was frothing at the mouth douche, since about October 2008.   I wonder what is changing his tone.

Does he possibly see the writing on the wall, that MSNBC is akin to the Titanic, and he is readying his life jacket so that he could possibly get a gig on a station that is not super rabid liberal, (as a personal note if I saw him on Fox news, I would probably cease watching the entire station), and that there is no other outlet that will hire a rabid lib, since Air America went bye bye. 

I know that my next statement is not going to very Christian, but I do wish nothing but utter failure and desolation for this idiot Matthews for the utter damage that he has done, not only to the political discourse in this country, but that he and many others is the symbol of the death what the media should have been doing instead of playing a game of cover-up.