Random observations of hypocrisy from the Left

Came home from work today, and flicked on Fox and Glenn Beck was on, and this was my first observation.  Some Canadian editorial is talking about how there shouldn’t be an argument between Global Warming or Global Cooling, but that world overpopulation was the problem and that we should all be under a one child policy like that of China’s.

Now, my first point of hypocrisy of the left comes from the “reproductive rights” groups.  If it is a individual “reproductive right” to have an abortion, is it not also a “reproductive right” if you want to have 2, 3, 4 children.  So let me get this straight, the government can’t tell you that you can’t have an aborition, but the government will have the right to tell you to not have a child or have an abortion.  I don’t know about anyone else, but if a G-man came to my door and told  me that me and wife could not have a child, or attempted to hold me and my wife at gunpoint and engage in reproductive activities to produce a child, I think, Mr. G-man would be getting introduced to MR. 9mm.  Individual freedom is individual freedom. To be consistent, you must defend both the positive and negatives of individual freedom.

My second and last observation of hypocrisy is the current health care debate.  You got the DASM (dumb ass stream media) representative Ezra Klien talking about how Libermann would rather settle a political score and allow people to die then pass healthcare reform. Now didn’t this douche and other’s like him scream bloody murder when Sarah Palin, put a post on facebook talking about “death panels”, which in any shape of looking at this legislation, that is one result that is definitely going to happen.  Sorry MSM, and this is the reason you do not get my viewership of your news programs (Sorry Katie Couric is not doing it for me, and the other networks are better than Ambien for putting one to sleep), and I actually feel dumber after I read a MSM newspaper, or have the feeling of wanting to beat someone within an inch of their life, is because this hypocrisy is sickening.

Other forms of hypocrisy are welcome.