Another non-apology apology from the news media.


I read this today at work, and just got more and more pissed off about the race-baiting, 21st century version of what happened in the 1950’s during the HUAC, and Hollywood blacklisting.

The only difference is this time, instead of having someone come in front of a committee and either admit to, or denouce being a communist, you don’t even get a chance to defend yourself, you go straight from accused to blacklisted.

As for this article from Jason Whitlock, I got to quote what Warren Ballentine said to Juan Williams, and this is from one black man to another, get off of the porch of your liberal plantation owners.  If you want to ever be seen as a credible journalist, please stop with the 1/2 hearted, “Although the quote may have been wrong, I am still justified in a character assasination”.

I am not the biggest fan of Rush Limbaugh, but I do understand, and most times agree with his point of view, but I would be just as pissed off, and question a bunch of reporters and people, if they tried to drive Olbermann off of the air of NFL Sunday Night, and did it by attibuting quotes to him such as, “Conservatives are satan incarnate”, and, “Republicans are the political arm of the KKK”, knowing that they were false and could only be found in Wikipedia.

I look at it like this, if the HUAC and Hollywood blacklist was wrong, and unamerican, doing what was done to Rush Limbaugh is just as wrong.