What about that third choice

I remember reading somewhere I don’t know if it was here or on another blog site, about one of the ALinsky rules was to always argue that there are more than two choices.  For example, in Afghanistan, according to Obama, it is a false choice to either grant the requested troops, or get the hell out of Afghanistan, there is some third blurry choice that will grant success, and that we are just to damn dumb to know what it is. But when it comes to the recent Health Care debate it’s either his plan, or no plan at all.

I constantly hear attacks about how Republicans and Conservatives, don’t have a plan at all (which is false), and that only his plan (public option, mandatory requirement for insurance, stacked deck rules against insurance companies) is the only way to go.

Sorry, but if Obama wants to try to split the baby on Afghanistan, and split the baby on a whole host of other issues, please in Cbama’s infinite Solomon like wisdom, come up with a way to split the baby on health care, or cap and trade, or the whole host of domestic issues instead of the dual choice that Obama is giving us of his way or do nothing.

There is a way to split the baby on health care reform. Things like allowing Interstate commerce of insurance plans instead of insurance company’s needing to taylor plans to mandates of each state, and paying their tributes to each state’s insurance boards, and tort reform which will stop or curtail some of the defensive medicine, and lower the doctor’s malpractice insurance premiums.

There is a way to split the baby on the so called “climate change” action and energy policy, that split is to allow domestic nuclear energy for electricity generation, and domestic drilling for our own oil, and more capacity for refining, (I believe that our ability to refine cleaning outstrips those of many of the 3rd world cesspools that are doing it now).

So, all I ask is a little consistency, if Obama is going to look for the third choice on each issue, then at least look at the third choices that are so blatant that if they were Mike Tyson in a championship fight Obama would be picking himself up off the gound with the obvious punch that he should know is coming.