Afghanistan, the way I see it

Listening to the news in regards to Afganistan, and Obama and folks waffling around about sending more troops into it or not, really bothers me.

Afghanistan, according to the debates was the war of necessity, and Iraq was the war of choice.  Now it seems that he and his people are trying anything to get an out of Afghanistan, yet split the baby and show that he is still strong on national defense.  What I don’t think his folks understand, would be if you want to be trusted on national security you better do the things that will secure us, which for me is fighting and defeating the Islamofacists where ever they try to hidey hole, and fight them on their ground so that they got to keep playing the home game, because if they travel for the away game here, we will have 9/11 part 2.

Now, unlike the liberals who tried to cheerlead the U.S. to a loss, if Obama wanted to put in more troops, I don’t think there would be objection one from our side of the fence, and I don’t think many independents would decry the increase, the only people that seem to decry this are hippie maggots like the now senior senator from MA. and the far-left.  As a matter of fact Obama and the Dems would probably be fully supported by us, and we wouldn’t be the ones blaming the deaths on Obama as long as he was fighting this war honestly.

Right now, I see only two options to the whole thing. Option 1, is to surge and surge hard, fight the insurgents, fight the Taliban, and load up the body bags with those that want to kill us.  Option 2, is withdraw everybody, and fortify our home defenses so that they are air tight, which would probably mean having our military on our soil defending our borders.