From Hero to zero in record time

I was watching the only tolerable show on CNN tonight (that would be the Lou Dobbs show), since if I look at Shepard Smith or hear him for more than 10 minutes I find my self resisting the strong urge to put six holes in my TV, and they were discussing how some Democrats are pissed, because this bill is starting to get slanted to what Olympia Snowe wants instead of going full bore communist

One congress woman from CA (Rep. Lynn Woolsey (D-CA)), stating that, “This is the United States of America, not the United States of Maine.”, and when asked for follow up on that, whe proceeds to state, “One senator cannot hold the nations health plan hostage.”  Then queen dunce (my opinion) Shiela Jackson Lee, stating, “The idea that we are going to succumb to the insurance companies’ fears, and then do a trigger, will mean that we will delay our constituency, the American people, a public option”.

Great job Snowe, in her quest to be seen as the “resonable one” and get her head patted like a loyal dog, she now became enemy number 1, and now it’s her turn to get demonized.

Of course, she will probably cry that she needs to be defended by the GOP when she really starts getting attacked, and the outside state money comes in against her in  droves, because she is wanting to limp to socialist healthcare instead of sprinting to it so fast that Usain Bolt looks like a turtle.

Now I hope that Senator Snowe knows how to play this hand and make sure that in the end, that this bill which looks like now is going to pass irregardless, doesn’t do too much damage.  However, My hope dwindles, when I look at her prior record from what I read here.

Enjoy having the target on your back Snowe, and you will now know how the rest of us feel every damn day since Ronald Reagan became president.